Hey! My name is Kama Hagar (Kay-muh Hay-Gar)–no one gets it right ;). I have a vibrant life that consists of a passion for traveling, food, makeup, & fashion…

Explore a day in my life, be inspired by my inspirations!

xx                                                                                                                                                                   ~Kama

2 Responses to About

  1. Matt Bywater says:

    kama, Wow you are truly a classy, pretty, young lady. Ive been a fan of your dads since i was 16yrs old. now im in my 40 s.. He must be so proud of you. You are a very lucky lady. It seems you and he get along very well, thats so cool. Nonetheless, keep up with all your fashion stuff , you have a cute style , she falls somewhere inbetwwen levis and vogue magazine…. lyrics of your dad , i hope you stay focused on faahion never give up ok…… best wishes Matt

  2. Kris Campell says:

    You were the inspiration as well as the song your dad wrote about you for me to name my own 14 year old daughter Kama :) I couldn’t think of a name and I listened to Kama on your dads new cd and that was it!

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