7-Day Chakra Balancing Meditation Series

Looking for balance, alignment and power?


This week-long meditation series is made to balance and clear each and every one of the energy centers of the body through healing breath techniques, hypnotic mantras/affirmations, and calming guided imagery.


Unlike many meditation recordings, there is no background music so you can truly sink into stillness, silence, and depth.


How to approach this series:

  • Be open-minded

  • Dedicate 11 minutes to daily peace for 7 days

  • Come back to this series as needed, in or out of order

  • Trust yourself

If the word "chakra," doesn't resonate, simply stick with the powerful daily themes:

Day 1: Grounding

Day 2: Creativity

Day 3: Confidence

Day 4: Self-Love

Day 5: Authenticity

Day 6: Intuition

Day 7: Connection

Benefits: balance in all of the above areas.

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Lynn P.

...exactly what I needed. I felt myself becoming aware of myself and able to relax and get centered.

Sarah K.

I am feeling grounded, blissful and relaxed.

Tyler L.

An elixir. So perfect.