9 Ways to Treat Yourself this V-Day

With or without a lover, self-love should always be on the calendar. Especially today: the day of love.

As a [selfless] self-care fanatic and expert, let me hit you with some options:

1. Give yourself a luxurious Balinese flower bath known to clear energy.

Sprinkle in wildflowers, a store-bought bouquet, or rose petals. I like to add epsom salt, sea salt, and/or cold-pressed, organic sesame oil.

2. Do an at-home yoga practice for the heart-chakra.

A fave by Yoga With Adriene.

3. Take yourself on a solo road-trip or a staycation.

Just go. Your time. Your activities. Your place. Enjoy.

4. Do a meditation for self-love.

I got one for you here.

5. Join a sound bowl healing in your area or play some heart-based beats.

Sound bath for the heart-chakra to play in the background always... here.

6. Create a playlist with all your favorite songs.

And dance your buns off (alone, with friends, with whoever).

7. At-home spa night/day (duh).

Read the checklist here.

8. Visit local hot springs or a local spa.

Take yourself out and take the waters, sweet cheeks.

9. Get out in nature.

Take a hike, walk, swim, or a breath in the outdoors.

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