7-Days of Self-Healing

Heal your spirit back to its natural state of wholeness.

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You Can Heal You.

It's been a tough seventeen months.

Even if you're an introvert like me and felt like quarantine was your dream-scene, there's only so much chaos we can handle from the outside.

The news, social media and even just casual conversations with friends cover enough to put our nervous systems into overload. Empaths, extroverts and recluses alike are all feeling the weight of the world.

If you're feeling drained, exhausted, depressed, angry, anxious or overwhelmed, you're not alone.

You also have the incredible, regenerative ability to heal yourself so you can continue to show up as your best and highest version of self during these trying times.

Everyday for 7-days, you'll get a love letter from me and our daily Self-Healing Meditation. We'll practice with the same audio everyday to really begin to rewire the brain's neural pathways (repetition is key).

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Jason M.

"This lifted my spirits and gave me hope."

7-Days, 15-Minutes per Day

  • Relax the mind and body
  • Reconnect with the divine
  • Tune into your emotions
  • Use the foundations of reiki energy work to soothe your energy (even if you've never done reiki!)
  • Bring your spirit back to its natural, whole state

Let's heal.

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