empowerment through selfless self-care

I believe that wellness is a personal journey and that there is no one-size-fits-all.

As an ever-evolving human, there's not even a one-size-fits-you

Healing is an action and it's the first step to thriving in peace +


I am here to be your guide on your journey to growth,

health & happiness. 

x Kama

Meditation is a practice to help quiet the progressive fluctuations of the mind.


Whatever you're going through or want to manifest - there's a meditation for it. 


I'll meet you where you are to design a custom, powerful, peaceful and enjoyable practice.

Hawaiian healing is all about the senses, nature, ancestral connection, and spirituality.

I use the fundamentals of these ancient healing practices in self-care rituals. Let's discover your ritual. 


  • Personalized Hawaiian mantra meditations

  • Ho'oponopono

Subtle, healing energy-work used to clear physical and emotional blockages, create alignment and help heal the mind, body, and spirit into wholeness.

I was trained by Reiki Master, Kelsey Patel in this Japanese healing art.

The best compliments I've ever received

Kama is a Godsend who guided me through the toughest part of my life and really played an integral part of me finding my genuine smile again. She tailors her healing to whatever it is you need at the moment and she truly cares about the results. Kama has made me believe in goodness again and she makes her mark with kindness and integrity. It is wonderful to know that true grace exists in the world. I highly recommend her healing. Find your smile:)

Tomi G.

Partnerships, events & collaborations


Visionary Women

non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the status of women


Outdoor Voices


RA MA Institute

applied yogic science & technology kundalini studio

Ceremony Meditation

meditation workshop & class center


Tilly's + Tilly's Life Center

clothing brand and nonprofit empowerment program for teens helping to change attitudes and mindsets in order to overcome adversity 

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