11 Meditation Buzzwords We Can Learn From

my experience Feb 18, 2020

Whether it was during meditation, yoga, or one of those local co-op hippie circles, you're bound to have heard a few of those stereotypical "spiritual" buzzwords. Do you hear them in your head? Those ones that may inspire or trigger you. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, here's what we can learn from them and what I really mean I use them.



1. Allow - Get the frick out of your own way. Let it happen.

2. Open - Open your heart, open your mind, open your body language, open your life.

3. Mindful - Do your things with intention, attention, awareness and meaning. Do things like you mean them. Do everything like you mean it.

4. Breathe - Have you noticed you were born with a tool that can manipulate your mood, create functionality in your organs and keep you alive? Use it. Make that breath your absolute b*tch.

5. Expand - Push your boundaries, diaphragm, knowledge and beliefs beyond their limits. In fact, WTF are limits? The universe is limitless. You are the universe. You are limitless. Grow. Feel that.

6. Gently - We can all learn to move, talk and think a little gentler. Soften. Be gentle with yourself and others. The world will be kinder.

7. Notice - Don't judge, don't analyze, don't worry, don't change, don't do anything. Do nothing, but notice.

8. Awareness - Pay attention to inside. Pay attention to outside. Pay attention to subtle. Pay attention to strong. Have a soft knowing of what the heck is going on.

9. Feel - THIS IS YOUR LIFE-INDICATOR! You can feel! Feel! It's amazing! It's beautiful! It's being a human and it means so much and also so little! Just wow.

10. Tune In - Bring a gentle focus to what's important. Notice what the thing tastes like, feels like, smells like, looks like, sounds like, is like. Become this thing for a moment. Then, even without words, you'll understand.

11. Release - After it's all acknowledged, let all that sh*t go.

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