11 Midweek Musings

cycle syncing midweek musings october Nov 01, 2023

Sup everyone.

I've found that the most researched, straightforward and seemingly helpful blogs get a few clicks, but they have nothing on the personal blogs I write about things like "the time I stepped on a crunchy leaf." People love the personal. I thought I knew it, but not in regards to my own life. When it came to me, I didn't believe it.

But the data shows.

In order to make it personal and concise, I've decided to start a Midweek Musings blog. Every Wednesday I'll continue to post a blog, but it'll consist of 11 things that I'm inspired by or felt extra special that week. It could be a personal moment, a quote, a product, a place, an experience. I invite you into my weekly world through these snippets with hopes for connection, commemoration and expansion.

As we're starting from the beginning, and it's been a nuts month of incredible travel, I'm gonna round up some moments from October thus far.

Cheers to the first one!


1. Seeing a sea turtle lay eggs on the beach in Cabo.

I posted a picture of this on my Instagram the other day. Wow. I hadn't seen this since I was a kid going to school in Cabo and really didn't have half the appreciation I do now. Watching this mama pull herself out of the dark ocean to a patch of dry sand in the moonlight, dig a deep hole with her fins, drop her eggs, bury them and then slide her way back to the ocean was just beautiful.


2. Bakery Four in Denver.

Baked goods and pastries are my absolute weakness. While visiting some friends in Denver, they insisted on bringing us to this spot and we were not disappointed. The chocolate croissant, the kouign amann (my fave pastry in the world), the maple roll - just delish. My real favorite part of this all was actually when Sean tried to buy our hosts their pastries, but the cashier checked someone else out by accident. Instead of thanking him, the random freeloaders took off as fast as they could. I know it's messed up, but it makes me laugh all the time. This good deed was definitely punished.


3. My first rave kandi at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

It was my first time as an adult at the Red Rocks venue in Colorado and I was not disappointed. Between the views, the acoustics and the energy, there is a not a bad seat in the house. The show opened with a gentle yoga and meditation class that I couldn't keep my eyes closed for. The sun was setting over the city skyline and the boulders to my left and right were glowing even redder than they normally are. As the day turned to night, my boyfriend gave me a bracelet (otherwise known as rave kandi) with the words "be my escape." It all closed with an electronic music dance party by a few artists he loves. It was special being able to step into my DJ boy's world.


4. Aisling Rose Skincare Beauty Elixir Balm.

The sweet owner of Aisling Rose, Ashli, sent me this balm a while back, but it really got its best run in the dry Denver air. Normally, I'll take a little dab of this balm to my laugh lines, my under eyes and my forehead, but this time, it was slathered over every inch of my face. I was able to get my skin back to Maui-levels of glowy and supple. Thank you Ashli!!!


5. Yaya restaurant in Cabo.

Dude. This restaurant is my favorite fkn restaurant of all time. The innovation. The freshness. The quality. The ambiance. The service. The flavors. Chef Eliana Godinez pours so much love, intention and mastery into her food and has the energy of a fairy sprite. There are also TONS of vegan and veggie dishes that sacrifice nothing to be both healthy and delicious (my favorite way to eat). There is nowhere like it. 


6. Long yoga classes with Ashley Galvin.

I can almost singlehandedly credit her for my fitness journey. She is one of the most impressive yogis (and I'd even say athletes) I've ever witnessed. Her strength and flexibility is unparalleled and sometimes has me cursing her name, but it's always worth it. For a while I was doing her shorter (30 minute) power classes that leaned heavy on the fitness side, but during a particularly cortisol-rich summer, I found myself flowing much better in her longer classes with slower, steadier builds and a gentle cool-down. So grateful for this woman.


7. Thai massages.

 I've been a fan since first getting one of these highly physical, stretchy massages, but re-fell in love after three weeks of back to back travel and a whole lot of tension I didn't even know I had in my back and shoulders. Anyone who has had one of these knows it can be intense (in a delicious way), but somehow I fell asleep - allowing my body to be moved, opened and healed in pure surrender. Also a lot of places do this for pretty dang good price.


8. My meditation for anxiety.

Long story short, I had a panic attack last week. There were triggers, but it came on suddenly and sort of unexpectedly. I hadn't had an experience like this since I was a teen. I managed as calmly as I possibly could, voicing that I was having this experience and did my best to self-soothe. This kind of experience is incredibly taxing on the nervous system though. It's not just during, it's after. I developed weird digestive symptoms and found myself extremely sensitive even when I thought I was fine. I knew I'd have to stay on top of my nerves so I pacified by doing my daily meditation for anxiety. It was so incredibly helpful. Check it out in the Mu Membership.


9. Calm Magnesium Powder after dinner.

 This has been a GAME changer in my stress-management and timezone flipping. Going back and forth from Hawai'i to California has been so taxing on my sleep schedule that I needed a solution. Back in September, my partner bought me this Calm supplement to mix with my water and I've been taking it nightly ever since. I feel tired earlier, I feel calmer and so much more regulated in every way. Huge recommendation for stressed travelers!


10. Cycle syncing.

I can't stfu about this. Why did they never teach us this as women? Our menstrual cycles consist of four different phases:

- Menstrual: the period, low energy, intuitive

- Follicular: after the period, increased hormones, increased energy, creative

- Ovulatory: the few days including and surrounding the moment you ovulate, peak hormones, peak energy, most social and confident

- Luteal: hormones drop back down, PMS starts, sensitive and reflective

Your activities (social, work, workouts, foods) are meant to match your energy during each phase in order to optimize your gifts during each time. You work WITH yourself instead of against. I was scared I'd become less productive given that there are nearly two whole weeks each month that my energy as a woman is fairly low, but I've found that chilling my workouts out during that time and giving myself more organizational tasks has made the other half of my cycle/month 10x stronger. Working with my energy has restored me. I've lost weight, become less stressed, clearer, more productive and actually so much more self-compassionate. There's nothing wrong with me - I have a natural rhythm and I now know how to play my own instrument.


11. Being vulnerable.

I have turned over a new leaf. I am now one of the most vulnerable people I know. I ask for feedback. I ask how people feel about my actions. I communicate how I'm feeling. I ask for what I need. I run the risk of sounding needy where I used to avoid that like they plague. I know this is so much better than hiding my needs and desires. It's brought me so much closer to the people I love and has provided a deep sense of inner safety. I know I have my own back. I know I'll take care of me and get help where/when I need. We all need this.

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