11 Midweek Musings

iron joe dispenza tortilla soup Nov 15, 2023

This week was all about getting my health, my mind and my relationships back on track. I had some challenging conversations, took a lot of rest, and also committed to getting out of old habitual ways of living by gently shaking things up while being regimented at the same time. I feel good. I feel solid. Here are the things that made my week powerful...

1. MegaFood iron supplements.

These are my stilts right now. As prescribed by my holistic doctor, I have been taking FOUR of these babies per day. Please don't do this unless you are advised (as this is 4x the regular dosage), but I was recently diagnosed as SEVERELY anemic. We're troubleshooting with a few other supplements as well, but these have been my saving grace.

2. "I love you. I am listening."

I discovered this mantra from writer Sarah Blondin to use for self-love, self-presence, self-compassion and deep listening. Saying it to myself brought a wave of comfort and sorrow all at once. I'd been yearning to hear these exact words from myself for so long. It brought a memory of my first time meditating with a guide in high school: I just sobbed. Being seen was emotional. Here, over a decade later, I found myself feeling that feeling again, only lighter. Imagine if you talked to yourself like this always. Imagine if you held others in that same energy.

3. Morning mindfulness.

I practice meditation every single morning, but usually I wake up, mentally complain about my tiredness, stress myself out with all I have to do and then find a way to shame myself (all before I even open my eyes). Well, this stops now. I've decided my mindfulness begins the MOMENT I become conscious and awake and my bodyguard/bouncer duties begin then too. No more self-critical or self-abusive thoughts first thing in the morning. I'm not anxious. I'm not depressed. I'm making myself that way with unhinged, unmonitored thoughts.

4. Micro-runs.

I do not love running. And that's a nice way to say it. I do understand the benefits of cardio though. And I do appreciate how valuable it is to exercise outside in the natural elements. SO a couple of days per week, I've been starting the day by running across the street to the beach just one-way. It's probably a total of four minutes of running. Yep, that's it. But it's perfect. I still do my daily yoga, and as mentioned last week, have started doing some weight lifting 2-3x week, but for now, 4 minutes of running a few days per week is just right.

5. Savory, protein-rich breakfasts.

I've always been a sweet breakfast girl. I love fruit and smoothies and smoothie bowls - mm! And I probably always will. I've heard mixed thoughts on fruit being the first thing you eat though: some say it's best to eat first for your digestion, while others say it spikes your blood sugar. I actually believe both are true - it just depends on your body goals. As of lately, I'm interested in being more mindful about my blood sugar because it has big links to stress (something I've been struggling with lately). Sooo I've been replacing my sweet fruit breakfast with things like quinoa, black beans, sautéed spinach, sometimes one egg white, avocado and pico de gallo salsa. I have to say, I can stay full until almost 3 pm like that!

6. Posture-checks.

As I've been taking a lot more interested in somatic healing lately, I've found that my body really benefits from being to be tended to. Simply by adjusting my posture, I feel more energy, more confidence, etc. Embodiment is a real thing. How do you want to feel? Show up? Be perceived? Embody it.

7. Staying connected through conflict.

I discovered this healthy communication intention a few months ago from holistic psychologist, Dr. Nicole LePera. It hit. I had never really seen this in action. All I knew were avoidance for peace or conflict for war. But I knew that couldn't be the way. I started practicing it with my friends and my family and found it to be so healing to state that intention before sharing something challenging.

8. Tortilla soup.

This is always on my musings list, let's be honest. But as we move into fall, I'm really feelin' it. That lime-y, salty, rich, creamy-crunchy taste has me salivating just thinking about it. Not all tortilla soups are created equal though. Get my favorite authentic and delicious recipe for it (among tons of other healthy, yummy recipes) in my Mu Membership.

9. Being honest about what's too much.

Normally I pretend I can do it all, but I'm over it. I think I hit my stress peak this summer so I could officially start saying "no." I know my limits now and I'm not interested in pushing them anymore. Another layer peeled away from people pleasing, if someone asks a favor of me, I'm not going to jump through hoops and loops to do it. If it works, it works. If not, I'll tell them honestly.

10. Dr. Joe Dispenza.

I've heard this man's name being whispered around for a few years. My doctor suggested I do one of his courses and I obliged. So far I'm a few talks deep and though it's not anything I haven't heard before, his positioning and data give the work I believe in a whole new edge. I'm really digesting and implementing these life-changing principles. I'm inspired about things I didn't even know I could get inspired about all over again.

11. Sharing dreams with friends.

For some reason, this has always felt hard for me. Who am I to claim this big thing? Should I talk if it's not even happening yet? What if they think it's stupid? What if someone copies me!? Gone are those days. I am boldly claiming my desires and visions and asking for the reflections and support of the people who know and love me most. I sat down with an old friend last week and we shared all of our dreams over lunch and healthy elixirs. It was invigorating, exciting, warming. She showed me parts of me I didn't know existed and vice versa. 

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