11 Midweek Musings

magnesium baths receiving ugly fruit Dec 06, 2023

I didn't intend this to be a gift guide, but it definitely has some hidden gems inside... These are some things I'm vibing with this week.


1. Magnesium baths.

Mental, emotional, or physical fatigue - to me, this is the definition of restoration. Now that it's getting dark early, I love drawing a bath with about a 1/2 cup of magnesium epsom salts to unwind and unplug. I'll usually listen to a course, a meditation or some soothing music. It gets me calm, relaxed and sleepy and is great for muscle recovery. Go off.


2. Ugly Fruit.

This is a snack company that takes the ugly produce that would otherwise be tossed (just for its looks!) and dries it into yummy dried fruit. I wish every industry had something like this. This is (cue a soft little emotional tear) beautiful!


3. Playful requests.

Something I didn't know I did well until my therapist (and partner) reflected it back to me is communicate what would normally be in the nagging territory as a playful request. Don't get it twisted though: just because it's said in a playful tone doesn't mean it's not a serious request. A good example of this is "hey baby, I'm gonna need your clothes off my chair before I lose my marbs." Marbs being short for marbles, obviously. The pet name, the request, something silly. I think it's a great, effective, digestible sandwich. As a result, never have I ever been in an argument about house things.


4. Listening to my body.

My partner recently wanted to do a broth cleanse. As a health enthusiast, I decided I'd give it a shot. I last a day and a half while he went three. At first I felt like a wimp, lame, embarrassed. But the truth was, when I tuned into my body about doing the cleanse, I got a "maybe." It seemed 50/50 on it and ironically, I lasted 50% of the time. When I got over all the "should's" in my head, I realized I really felt like I needed more nutrients than reset. I benefitted from the post-thanksgiving clearing, but my body spoke loud and clear: it's time to load up on good stuff.


5. Quinoa with coconut milk.

Quinoa has been a staple in my life forever. It's protein-rich, versatile and filling. Also good! Something I discovered over the summer, but have been viiibing with lately: replacing half the cooking water with full-fat canned coconut milk. Holy fluffy, sweet deliciousness. Especially for Asian-style dishes (curries, stir fries, etc.). Hot damn.


6. Hand-to-Hand Wombat.

I bought this game spontaneously in the checkout line at Marshall's late one night. I felt intuitively it was my kind of game and wasn't let down. Essentially, it's a teamwork game where everyone builds these block sculptures with their eyes closed as fast as they can. It's random, chaotic and hilarious. Get it for your family to play this holiday season if you care about anyone's joy at all.


7. LED candles.

Romantic. Glowy. Ethereal. Safe. What more can you ask for?


8. Colombian cacao.

I'm a bit like a wine-o, but with cacao (ceremonial sipping chocolate). It's not sweet so brace yourself, but it's incredibly centering and heart-opening. Cacao is sourced from tropical regions around the world, but this was my first go with Colombian cacao. It was nutty, rich, gentle. To me it goes down much easier than the bitter, astringent Guatemalan variety. My other favorite is Belizean, but so much more to try! I've written a few blogs on this if you want to know more... 


9. Receiving.

I've always struggled to receive. Call it self-worth issues, call it modesty, call it being a people pleaser, but something I've noticed is how good it feels when someone else receives. Like seriously, how weird does it feel when you give a compliment or try to pay a friendly gesture and someone rejects it? Just recently I offered to pay for something for someone and I was anxious about them turning it down - then what? That'd be awkward and leave me trying to figure out what to do next. Instead, they graciously accepted and it felt like a beautiful completed cycle. Receive. Complete the cycle. 'Tis the perfect season to practice saying, "that is so nice! Thank you!!"


10. Red lentils.

Bro, we are blessed to have these on our planet. There's so much you can do with them, from dips, to bowls, to curries to pasta (yeah, they make PASTA out of this shii). They are also a vegetarian's dream: protein, iron, fiber and folate. And they're so delicious. Just stop - they're too good for us.


11. Ocean glitters.

This could always be on the list, but man is that something beautiful.

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