11 Midweek Musings

savory breakfasts singing truvaga Jan 24, 2024

This week has been all about self-love and self-regulation. Speaking up. Breathing deep. Taking breaks. Following through with self-commitments. And straight up taking care of me however that looks. I'm acting like I am my own baby. Hungry? Eat. Anxious? Let me rock myself. Been working inside all day? Let's walk under the stars.

I have to have me. You have to have you. This is selfless self-care.


1. Taking less responsibility.

HOLD UP. If you're a prick OR a healthy, balanced person, this isn't for you. If you're an overly-responsible type who people pleases, this is for you. Try taking 1/4 of the responsibility you normally do (which is 100%), meaning you're at a reasonable 25%. To be honest, there are some things you'll need to take even less for, and of course, some you'll need to take more for. But being the highly emotionally-tuned in person you are, you can trust that you're probably seldom the one being a complete asshole. You're not perfect, neither are they.

Take it off your shoulders. I've had to learn this this year and I wish I could tell my younger self how much weight and responsibility she's carried that was never hers.


2. Gummy vitamins.

Okay, I take my boring vitamins too, but for things like elderberry or vitamin C or other supplements I feel pretty good on, I take the gummy version. The fact that building immunity can be like eating candy never gets old to me. It's just such a pop of joy.


3. Catching up with old childhood friends.

There's nothing like someone who knows you, your inner child, your family, and your stuff almost as well as you do. The friend who doesn't need you to fill in the gaps and explain. The one who just says, "oh, I know." The one who knows the good and the bad and loves and accepts you and all of it anyway. That's good stuff.


4. Savory breakfasts.

After years of drinking smoothies first thing in the morning (despite the hunger I'd experience again before noon and the wonky things it did to my stomach and the chill I perpetually felt afterwards if I wasn't in a hot climate), I finally decided to try something I've always hated: eggs. I can only do the whites (sorry, whatever) and it took weeks of getting used to, but holy frick: my sugar cravings have subsided, my fullness lasts about 2.5x as long, and my digestive is great. I'm not saying eggs are the solution (and I can't eat them alone because ick), but protein and savory breakfasts have been proven to help the body regulate. I've even lost weight I didn't mean to lose.

I still love my smoothies, but I find them better as snacks or even a light lunch.


5. Low bun waves.

Old hack, but I've been rocking a low bun to sleep, to workout and to work and when I take that shii out, my hair is pretty much what I used to spend hours damaging it with heat tools to do. So twist that stuff up and tied it at the nape of your neck to save time and your strands.


6. Embracing the current season.

Yes, the actual season, but also the energetic, mental, emotional, physical season. If you were pregnant, you wouldn't try to be un-pregnant - you'd make modifications and relish in the magic of that experience alone. You'd know it was fleeting and temporary. Even the discomforts would be savored to a degree. No?

So can you get cozy in whatever chapter you're currently in, knowing its fleeting nature. Knowing it won't be here forever. Knowing that even if it hurts or is lonely or is scary is just the season. This too shall pass. Can you be here fully, wholly? With awe?


7. Singing to myself.

In a particularly lonely, anxious moment last week, I pulled my knees to my chest and began to gently rock. This somatic practice felt good, studied, founded, but when I asked myself what I needed, I was surprised to feel an intuitive pull to sing. The last thing I needed was to shame myself for what I was asking for so I just started doing it. I sang this random ass made-up song for about five minutes until my body just relaxed. When it was done, I felt inspired.

It made sense it soothed. Singing or humming stimulates the vagus nerve, which is controls the parasympathetic nervous system, aka specific body functions such as your digestion, heart rate and immune system. Singing, in Mu and Hawaiian culture, has always been associated with the holistic self. It's like a clear channel. It also occurred to me that all cultures sing. Without our inhibitions and insecurities, it's very primal. Lastly, parents sing their babies to sleep to quell their discomforts. Why do we stop?

I'm no singer, but oddly, my voice sounded better than it ever had. In that moment, it was one of the most beautiful sounds I'd ever heard. And that alone, feels so beautiful.


8. Stop, drop, breathe.

I remember my reiki master, Kelsey J Patel warning us in our mastery training that we will resist our reiki when we need it the most. I feel this about all the medicinal and therapeutic tools I have in my pocket. When I'm not feeling so good, I gravitate to do what most people do: avoid or indulge. I either want to busy myself or word-vomit on a loved one. My breath is the first and easiest thing I can use to calm myself. I am more committed than ever to taking these moments before anything else.


9. Food truck solo dates.

I vow to get over this someday, but for now, eating alone in a restaurant makes my skin crawl. But food is a personal love language to myself. So, I've found a happy medium. My solo dates look like going to the cute food truck gardens near me, grabbing a delicious veggie gyro, plopping myself down at a removed, discreet table somewhere in nature and enjoying the heck out of my meal. This is self-love, brother.


10. Vegan pesto.

This is the most nuts (no pun intended) pesto on earth and I am addicted to it on pasta, as a dip for red cabbage shells or chips, in wraps, in bowls - everywhere.



1 1/2 cups basil

1 cup walnuts (or pine nuts)

1/3 cup nutritional yeast

1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

5 cloves garlic

3/4 tsp sea salt



Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until desired consistency (I like smooth).


You're welcome for the healthiest, most vitamin B and protein-laden, adaptogenic, delicious pesto that everyone asks me for. Get more healthy and delicious recipes like this on the Mu Membership.


11. Truvaga.

This isn't the first time I've mentioned it, and though I was provided this product directly from the company, I promise you wouldn't hear about if it weren't giving me something to rave about. Finding moments of tranquility has become more crucial than ever. Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, the Truvaga wellness product has continued to be a trusted companion, paving the way for a serene beginning to the new year. Incorporating Truvaga into my daily routine has proven to be a game-changer.

This year, I've decided to center my focus on gratitude, recognizing its transformative power in fostering a positive and healing mindset. However, I quickly realized that embracing gratitude requires a deliberate effort to slow down and appreciate the present moment—a challenging feat in today's fast-paced world. This is where Truvaga steps in as a revolutionary hand-held product designed to stimulate the vagus nerve, offering a gateway to reduced stress, increased focus, improved mood, and enhanced sleep.

Each Truvaga session lasts a mere 2 minutes, making it an easily manageable addition to my daily routine. I've found that incorporating a session in the morning and another before bedtime has set the tone for my entire day and helps me unwind for sleep. The product comes pre-programmed with 350 sessions, ensuring a six-month supply when used twice daily. It's important to note that while Truvaga is not rechargeable, its battery is tailored to cover the full span of 350 sessions, meaning it doesn't expire at the six-month mark.

Truvaga feels like true biohacking: working with the nervous system directly to stimulate calm. You all know how much this aligns with my intention to focus on overall well-being, acknowledging the interconnectedness of mental and physical health.

As an added bonus, Truvaga offers free standard shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee, providing peace of mind for those venturing into the realm of wellness. So, as the year unfolds with its array of events, Truvaga has become my secret weapon for maintaining composure, cultivating gratitude, and savoring the beauty of each moment. With Truvaga, the journey to a calmer, more centered self has truly begun. 

Get yours here.

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