11 Midweek Musings

kiss night runs phoenix Dec 13, 2023

I've been living out of a suitcase for a longggg time now, but that feels especially true as I sit in an airport restaurant on my way from LAX to OGG after I just got back to OC from Phoenix. *Deep exhale.* I love the heck out of my enthusiastic, adventurous life, but dang is it high stress. We almost missed our flight just now, but salvaged it with some pretty innovative moves.

Lots of what inspired me last week were people, but in order to not make a list of names (though honestly, that actually might be fun to do sometime), I gathered some moments and items that felt loud in my heart.

First starting with...

1. My boyfriend's cute butt.

Dude, I can't believe I'm writing this, but I promised to be honest with you guys about what's rocking my world and his butt is just so bubbly and cute. I needed to write this so I could clear my head and think about anything else. Maybe I'll delete it, but knowing me... probably not.


2. Eucalyptus leaves.

Did you know that they purify the air? And they're pretty. And wintery. And they look luxe. And they last a really long time (ours is going on 2 weeks and it looks like a newborn baby). Just get a bouquet of these fellas and put it somewhere nice in your home. We keep one in the kitchen.


3. Night runs.

I can't believe running has crept into my life like this. It really snuck up on me out of nowhere. I'm doing a month-long online running series in which I'm guided on baby runs and get worked up over the days (we're at 15 minutes right now) and I am actually having a good time. What helps? Running in a pretty place and/or running at night (if it's safe for you). I don't want people watching me huff and puff so this eliminates that and also, I've always loved the night. I used to sneak out as a teen JUST to be outside under the stars (and for the adrenaline of course) - so honestly, this kinda satisfies both.


4. Trusting people.

You gotta be discerning. I know that more than most. But you also gotta open your heart. Ironically, when your heart is open, you feel more deeply. When you feel more deeply, your discernment is better. So drop, drop, drop out of your defensive, fearful head and land in your heart - where trust is abundant and intuition is strong. Need help with this? Apply to work with me 1:1.


5. Highlights around my face.

Since I let my anemia go unchecked for so many months, all my hair started breaking. Even though I love being a fake blonde, since it’s been so sensitive lately, I've been taking it easy on the bleach. I trust my hairstylist completely. She’s a brutally honest-type, which often hurts, but is preferred in the long-run. In order to keep these strands alive and on my head, we’ve decided to go with gentle highlights just around the face. These are the hairs I cut the most anyway so I get those natural face-framing layers so the ends can tolerate. It brightens my look and adds a little surfery-edge which is honestly my complete aesthetic. Cute, cheaper, less time in the salon, and less breakage. We love that.


6. Simplifying things.

I recently recorded a custom meditation for someone's grandkids. In recording it, I realized how many big fluffy words I tend to use and how this may even fly over an adult's head who isn't living in my world and industry. They always say: KISS (keep it simple stupid), but man, I have a harder time with that than I thought. Recording this meditation practice for two little kids really got me thinking: it's all so simple. Just keep it simple. We all need simple.


7. Phoenix mountains.

I’ve been to Phoenix and the surrounding areas many times. In fact, staying in Scottsdale as a kid while my dad was on the road was my favorite part of the whole tour (except for Florida, Florida always reins supreme). It really didn’t occur to me until this time though, how beautiful the mountains are around this city. From the silhouettes in the distance to the tasteful natural way they’re integrated into the city-planning, something about them feels grounding, inspiring and powerful.


8. Intimate question games.

I have been a fan of these for a long time. So long, that before they were popular, my best friend Tyler and I actually created a 155 question deck for us and our friends. We thought about getting it made, but never pulled the trigger. Whoops, look at them now. Whether it’s our questions or another deck (I have so many at this point), I love pulling these out with family, friends and mostly my partner. We like to pull one nightly and it feels so incredibly connecting.


9. Christmas lights.

My family’s not very traditional. We spent so much time on the go that by the time Christmas rolled around, my parents were so over it all that we hardly got into the festivities. It’s sorta made me a bit grinchy about this season. Not to mention, I’m usually just bracing myself through the cold. But this year, I’ve tried to be a little more celebratory. I’m starting small, but something I can really get behind are the lights. How beautiful to counteract the darkness of the winter with bright twinkles. It really does warm the heart.


10. Letting my joy be my contribution.

I’ve been on a big overthinking train for a minute now. What is my contribution? How do I help people? What’s my gift? What’s my legacy? In a self-preserving turn of events, I just started focusing on having a good time. And you know what? Of course, I got inspired. I realized all the things I do for fun with my friends are what heal me, invigorate me, and make me feel the best. So isn’t that exactly what the world needs? Don’t I know how how to do just that? Isn’t everything I do going to be more powerful when my cup is full and joy is pouring out of me? New track. Here I go…


11. Piano bars.

I can’t believe it took me 27 years to end up at one, but for a 30th birthday party, I finally got to bear witness to an American classic: a piano bar. Is that even American? I don’t know, but between every person screaming along to “Sweet Caroline,” “Move B*tch,” and “Let Me Take You Higher,” and a bunch of pretty bad dance moves, it just felt patriotic to be there. Religious, really.


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