2022 Selfless Holiday Gift Guide

gift guide holiday selfless self-care Dec 07, 2022

'Tis the season to give thoughtful things to the ones you love. Though the spirit of it is beautiful, we all know how overwhelming and what a pain in the @$$ it can actually all be. For that very reason, I have created a list of a few of my favorite things that we can all refer to as we shop around (myself included). These gifts are best suited for a spiritual seeker, a wellness junkie or someone who loves (or needs) self-care - but I truly believe there's something for everyone in here. P.S. there's no order! Let's get started:

1. Natural Coconut Milk Candle from Makana

Creamy. Creamy coconut gently layered over a base of Tahitian vanilla and accented by a hint of rum. This is truly delicious smelling. This is the smell I want my entire home to be doused in (and it practically is). These hand-poured, small batch candles use simple, clean ingredients – a botanical wax blend made with coconut and soy waxes, lead-free cotton wicking, and phthalate-free fragrances blended with pure essential oils. No additives, enhancers, colorants, or phthalates added. All ingredients are mindfully-sourced in the USA and are vegan and cruelty-free.

2. Self-Care School

The dynamic and approachable 15-day e-course laced with powerful, proven healing modalities for reinvigorating your self-care regimen to revitalize every dimension of you. Yes, this is my e-course, but this came from demand - the givers and pleasers in your life are desperately trying to find restorative ways to take care of them and this is the solution. Let them know you care and appreciate all they do by signing them up for this course.

3. An eco-friendly Yoga Mat from Yoloha

This is my yoga mat and it feels so good to know my practice is truly selfless. This mat is made from 70% renewable materials and is their most cushioned yoga mat for added support for your joints. It has a soft feel, yet with no sacrifice on grip which increases with moisture. Care is easy with a naturally antimicrobial surface eliminating bacteria and a closed cell foam bottom that won’t absorb moisture or smells.

4. Pure Vanilla Bean Perfume by Kuumba Made

The secret's out. This is my signature scent and everyone wants to know what it is. Kuumba Made is a team of trained herbalists who are passionate about researching and formulating handcrafted synergistic formulas that are very clean and so delicious. Gourmand friends - you're literally gonna want to eat this up.

5. High Vibe Face Mist from Mukama Botanica

Biased? Sure. But remember why I started this brand: I wanted skincare that was 

  • 100% natural & organic
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Packaged & shipped in recycled packaging

So here it is. This is the facial mist of your dreams. Here to boost your skin and your mood, this pH-balanced potion is made with high vibe ingredients and aromatics inspired by sacred Hawaiian plant healing. This misty facial toner is made to balance, clear and improve your skin’s radiance.

6. Boundless Belize Ceremonial Cacao by Ora Cacao

This is hands down my favorite cacao on the planet. Jonas, the founder of this magical company, loves this plant like a child. His sensitivity and devotion is tasted in every luscious, awakening sip. This ceremonial cacao comes from 300 small (1-5 acre) organic family farms in the foothills of southern Belize. 75% of our farming families are indigenous Q’eqchi’ and Mopan Maya, and they grow their pure raw cacao with deep respect and understanding of the local ecology.

7. Blue Zones Cookbook by Dan Buettner

This beautiful cookbook was built on decades of research. Longevity expert Dan Buettner has gathered 100 recipes inspired by the Blue Zones, home to the healthiest and happiest communities in the world. Each dish--for example, Sardinian Herbed Lentil Minestrone; Costa Rican Hearts of Palm Ceviche; Cornmeal Waffles from Loma Linda, California; and Okinawan Sweet Potatoes--uses ingredients and cooking methods proven to increase longevity, wellness, and mental health. Complemented by mouthwatering photography, the recipes also include lifestyle tips (including the best times to eat dinner and proper portion sizes), all gleaned from countries as far away as Japan and as near as Blue Zones project cities in Texas. Innovative, easy to follow, and delicious, these healthy living recipes make the Blue Zones lifestyle even more attainable, thereby improving your health, extending your life, and filling your kitchen with happiness.

8. Infrared PEMF Go Mat by HigherDOSE

I am sitting on one of these (that I fully stole from my parents) right now. It is so soothing it's almost dizzying. Hit this mat to ease chronic pain, recover from workouts, deepen your meditations, or experience total-body relaxation. The GO Mat can be placed on a chair, on the ground - or wherever you can plug it in.

How does it work? Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) grounds you in the earth’s magnetic field for a full-body reset, while Infrared’s deeply-penetrating heat doubles your dose of recovery and detox. An additional layer of healing crystals emits negative ions, which boost your mood and neutralize free radicals in the body. When combined into the Go Mat, these therapeutic technologies create the ultimate recovery tool. No set-up or clean-up required.

9. Luna Facial Cleansing Device by Foreo

I use this EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and it has cleared up by skin DRASTICALLY. No, I really can't emphasize it enough. Washing your face alone is not cleaning out those little creases and pores. Made of velvety soft silicone that is bacteria-resistant, and 35x more hygienic than nylon brushes, this device is clinically proven to remove 99.5% of dirt, oil and makeup residue from skin. It's for anyone with skin.

10. Recycled and Customizable Luggage by Roam

This Customizable luggage is made in the USA out of recycled & eco-friendly materials. From monograms to selecting the color of your bag’s stitching, this collection is fun, unique, and created to reflect each traveler’s personality. You can also choose from the existing gallery! Travel should definitely be as selfless as it can be too!

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