3 Powerful Mantras To Get You Through Hard Times

hardship mantras mindset Sep 07, 2022

Let's take three deep breaths.



Okay, now that you're a bit more settled, keep breathing and trust me. Trust the universe. It has your back. How do I know? Because I'm in the middle of some real tough stuff myself, my friend. Some of the toughest stuff I've ever gone through. When my mind wants to scream words of despair, my emotions want to sit in the pit of my heart and rot and my heart feels broken, I lean into my spirit. Why? The spirit is always whole and it is here to guide you. In fact, it has already guided you here because oddly enough, you needed it. You are right where you're meant to be. Let's lean into source and affirm the alignment you're moving into.


Here are three powerful mantras that have been transformative and comforting to me.

1. God/Universe/Higher Power, you better make this up to me.

A cheeky, commanding spin on "everything happens for a reason." We believe it. We know it. There's always a lesson and an opportunity for growth and realignment, but when sh*t really hits the fan, it can be hard to sit pretty and smile through the pain. So don't. Command the universe to show you to something better. It will. Watch and listen.

2. I trust this path, I am supported.

Trust and faith are found to be humanity's greatest allies in times of hardship. The more faith you have in the process, the easier it is to accept. The more we accept, the deeper and quicker we heal. This mantra takes you out of resistance and into the flow of divinity.

3. This is my purification, I should be here for this.

Spiritual teachings from sources like the Tao and Tantra teach us that everything in life is either for purification or pleasure. The hard stuff is naturally, for your purification. That mindset alone can help significantly, offering a sense of purpose along the winding, sometimes treacherous road of life. You're being purified. Allow it. The more you lean in right there, a strange thing happens: the purification can become enlivening. The purification can even become pleasure. Just lean in. This is what life is made of.


If you're going through it right now, you're not alone. Let me guide you to a place within that feels joy, peace and trust - no matter what.

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