3 Spiritual Lessons I Learned at Mu

lessons mu spirituality Jun 08, 2022

Mu is a house in the jungle of Maui that my parents owned from the day I was born until February 2018. It may sound strange, but this place taught me everything I know about spirituality and led me on some of the deepest soul journeys I've ever been on. Before I left for my final trip at Mu, I doodled two words on a piece of paper and tucked them away into my journal: "surrender" and "devotion."

I don't even know what these things mean, I thought as I held the words at a distance as if to get a more holistic view of them. 

Well maybe you can learn them at Mu, a voice in my head suggested.

Yeah, that's a good idea, I thought, I'd like to learn these things at Mu.

That was my invocation. This is what I learned:

  1. Surrender: Allow. Allow. Allow. No more resisting. No more holding on. Just let it happen. Let the wind take you to the next place. It might not look how you imagined or wanted, but you're guided. Let go and let the universe show you the way.
  2. Devotion: Pour yourself into what's in front of you. You're here, so show up with reverence. Whatever it is, feel that contagious, healing unconditional love. Choose your spiritual path and devote yourself wholeheartedly. Show yourself what life means to you. This is your path to oneness; And it is transformational.
  3. Trust: The universe is here for you. Every decision the two of you co-create is for your greater good and evolution. Even the hard times have made you who you are and who you will become. Trust yourself and trust the universe. Trust and you shall see exactly who you are meant to be.

Are these lessons something you've had experience with? Are you looking to deepen your understanding of these life-changing principles? Let me show you.

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