3 Steps to Making A Big Decision (+ A Free Meditation!)

alignment clarity decisions Feb 08, 2023
Kama Hagar
3 Steps to Making A Big Decision (+ A Free Meditation!)

I've had to make a lot of decisions in the past year. Postponing my wedding, hiring my first real team member for Mukama Botanica, figuring out if I was ready to date again after a long-term relationship, putting an offer on a house across the Pacific ocean, agreeing to a big new direction for my business, and currently deciding on accepting or declining a big, unexpected proposal that landed itself in my Instagram DM's. More on that once I complete these very steps... What I'm saying is, aside from being a business owner, I am also a human - and humans are faced with decisions every single day.

But who taught us how to decide? How do we decide? Especially when the options at hand are big, scary, and unprecedented? Especially when no one knows you better than you? Well that's it: no one knows you better than you. Let me show you the practical way to make magically aligned decisions.

1. Get still

As queen Oprah Winfrey says, "When you don't know what to do, do nothing. Be still." As a go-go-go girl, this is hard for me, but I promise this pause saves you decades of time in the long-run. Slow down, be still, feel and listen. You aren't going to go to the right place if you don't even know what/where the right place is.

2. Feel into if it aligns with your values

What are your values? Write down 10 things that matter most to you (generally). 

For example:

1. My family

2. Health

3. Kindness

4. Equality

5. My partner/romance

6. Fun

7. The environment

8. Achievement

9. Integrity

10. Authenticity

Rank them as well for extra clarity and then see if the current decision options at hand fit in with those. Need more help? I got you. Let's do a one-off session!

3. Run it through the energy systems

How does your heart feel about this decision? How about your third eye? Your solar plexus? No, really. Running this decision through your energy body to not only feel into, but also to negotiate with is key to ensuring you feel taken care of moving forward. Different parts of you will have different requests. Listen in. Your body will let you know exactly what needs to happen that's in your holistic self's best possible interest. Need a practical example of that? Listen to the free 18-minute Meditation for Aligned Decisions included in this blog. You're welcome ;)


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