3 Steps to Self-Help

exchange self-help self-listening Feb 15, 2023

If you're an overly responsible, hyper-independent kind of human like myself, asking for help can feel extremely challenging. When you've relied on yourself for so long, it may seem frivolous to ask for help. When you realize you actually need it, there may be a sense of pride. Wherever you are, these are the steps it'll take to getting to the other side. As they say: two heads are better than one; the more the merrier; it takes a village, etc. No matter what, you aren't meant to do it alone, friend.

1. Listen to yourself.

Well technically the first step is hear yourself. Hear that voice deep within you that's asking for help. Then decide to stop ignoring it and listen to it. That's your intuition, that's the voice that will guide you to what you need... always.

2. Get over your pride and ask for help.

It takes bravery. It takes exchanging pride for growth. It takes exchanging fear for love. Whether it's a friend, a mentor, a therapist, a coach (aloha!), there are people here to help you. You are never alone and you were never been meant to be alone. Ask.

3. See the gift in the struggle.

This is when things turn around. This is the part I can help you with, but only if you're brave enough to ask for help. This is also the part that inevitably (if you're open to it) starts to happen once you open yourself to asking for help. You start to see the gift in the struggle. The miracles, the magic, the lessons, the reasons. You start to become grateful for even the most challenging situations. This is both a benefit and byproduct. I need to tell you again: you aren't meant to do it alone.

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