3 Things I Bring to Every Session

coaching holistic wellness Aug 09, 2023

As a holistic wellness coach and certified Unplug meditation teacher, I have a big responsibility to you and my clients to walk my talk. Of course, I do the work I do because I am a devotee to it. After being a student to it (and always will be), I was my own first client. If I haven't experienced it, I won't teach it. If I won't do it, I won't enforce it. I love helping people feel empowered, peaceful and joyful. I love showing people that self-care is actually selfless. 

With the utmost integrity, here are three things that I vow to bring to every session with my clients:

1. Honesty

Your trust means everything to me. I vow to be transparent about my abilities as well as my story. My heart is open and I will never hide any information that could help you, including my darkest moments as morsels of inspiration or relatability.

2. Presence

If half of what I preach is presence, I better bring it, am I right? It's a practice, but it's important. Through presence, I can see you, hear you, feel you. Through presence alone, I can access my deepest intuition, tapping into you at a level only being in this moment can bring.

3. Reverence

I see you as whole, even if you think you're broken. It's my job and my gift to do so. It's also the truth. You are holy, sacred, beautiful. As your guide, I will lead you back to the remembrance of this veracity.


If you're reading this with a pull to learn more, I'd love to gift you 20 minutes of my time to hear more about your story and how I can support you on your holistic wellness journey.

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