3 Zen Breathing Techniques

breath health peace Jan 11, 2023

Breathing your way to wellbeing is a real thing. Not only will a deep breathing ritual help to alleviate stress so you can feel better equipped to deal with life’s inevitable challenges, both big and small. The breath is the most powerful tool you have and it's literally already within you.




Before I dive into the techniques, let's touch on why a deep breathing ritual is so beneficial for your peace of mind.


Deep breathing helps to immediately lower cortisol, your stress hormone. It also helps to stimulate lymph flow, which helps to flush toxins out of your system. Yes, that detox program can help, but taking deep breaths is free and right here. 



We’re taught that mouth breathing means shallow breathing, but when done correctly it can reap many fantastic benefits. 


Michelle D’Avella, a breathwork facilitator and the founder of Pushing Beauty loves a breathing technique that involves two deep inhales, one into the stomach, then into the chest, followed by one long exhale, all through the mouth. She recommends practicing this technique, or another that feels comfortable, for at least 7 minutes a day to see results. 


Trauma is stored in the gut and this breathing technique helps in releasing all that accumulated internal pain. She also mentions that this breathing exercise was a game changer in helping to finally clear up a lifetime of chronic, hormonal acne. That’s all we needed to hear! 



If stress rules your life and nothing seems to help then give this breathing technique a go!


Shallow breathing not only has a negative impact on the skin, it can also contribute to many anxiety symptoms such as dizziness, chest pressure and tension headaches. 


Alternate nostril breathing helps to control the stream of air coming in and out of your body for immediate relief from stress and panic. This blisses people out beyond belief. Give it a whirl.



This is a classic breathing technique that even soldiers have used to immediately decrease stress and help to return breathing to its natural rhythm. 

Inhale for four, hold the breath at the top for four, exhale for four and leave the breath out for four. Continue for a few rounds and that's it!

I hope this article has inspired you to incorporate a deep breathing ritual into your life. You deserve to feel good and at peace within, no matter the turmoil that may be going on around you. Your breath is your anchor to that place within that is always still and calm - your true essence. 

Want to find the best breathing ritual for your personal self-care routine and wellness goals? Book a free consultation with me.

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