4 Tips To Manifest a Better Version of Yourself for the New Year

intention setting new year resolutions self-improvement Dec 29, 2021
New year, new me - sure, why not? But how come it never seems to stick? Here are some of my best, tried and true, most forward-thinking practical manifestation tips that you may have never tried before:
1. Be openhearted.
Openhearted is my new favorite word and is one of the greatest openers to intention setting and better living. It means to lead with empathy and compassion and also to be candidly communicative. What a duo. Open-heartedness lets you lead with your truth while also leading with kindness. Lace this into whoever you choose to become for the ultimate all-encompassing boost.
2. Feel the feeling.
Gone are the days where we simply create an affirmation statement and cross our fingers. Affirmations are great, but they need to be paired with a crucial element of manifestation: the feeling. Make it a practice to not only decide and affirm who you want to be, but to take a few minutes per day to feel into that. Are you more joyful? Grateful? Bold? Brave? Kind? Feel it.
3. Replace a habit.
Once you've decided who you're stepping into this year, reflect on what you want to let go of and what this new version of you would do instead. Habits die hard, but they're even easier replaced with new habits - so let's make them great ones. Swap some social media time to mindfully drink some tea? Limit that Netflix binging with an evening walk? Switch the morning caffeine for a healthy supplement? Up to you and who you want to embody.
4. Get a coach.
Accountability and expertise go a long, long way. During these strange, isolated times especially, getting someone to help and support you through your goals (as well as identify some you may have never even thought of) may be the key to your best transformation - or better yet: stepping into the truest version of you. Let me know if you need some help. My first-time clients even get a major discount!
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