5 Beautiful Hawaiian Mantras to Soothe Your Soul

affirmations hawaiian healing mantra Oct 12, 2022

The colonization of the islands in the 20th century took a lot from the Hawaiian people. The revered practices and rituals that made their culture so sacred were forbidden by the settlers and tragically, have never since recovered. One of those things is the Hawaiian language itself. Hawaiian is one of the oldest living languages in the world, but according to the UCLA Language Materials Project, only 1,000 native Hawaiian speakers and around 8,000 people can speak and understand the language fluently.

As a linguaphile myself, mantra meditations are some of my favorite types. A mantra (meaning "mind instrument) is a word or phrase used silently over and over again to anchor the mind into the present moment and potentially receive the benefits of the meaning of the word itself. I believe words carry a lot of power.

Traditionally in meditation, you'll hear a lot of Sanskrit words (shanti, so humom, aham brahmasmi, etc), but you can use any word as a mantra that's meaningful to you. You can use one in your native tongue or a different language as long as you keep in mind the importance of using these words with absolute reverence for the culture, the people and the divinity of them.

I also implore you to follow the teachers of the beautiful Hawaiian culture who are preserving the history and magic with the entirety of their hearts and souls. Here are some who have taught me:

With that, I present you five of my favorite words that I use as sacred mantras (mind instruments) to transport my human deep into my spirit.

1. Lokahi:

balance, unity, oneness, the harmony of all opposing facets of life.

2. Aloha:

love, spirit of the breath, hello, goodbye.

3. Mahalo:

thank you, grateful, gratitude.

4. Ho'omana:

empowerment, to raise life force energy.

5. Pono:

alignment, righteousness, balance.


Tell me in the comments: which one stands out to you?

Want a custom mantra or to learn all the best ways to use one of these? Reach me for a 1:1.

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