5 Magnetic Principles I Live By

May 31, 2023

Whenever I'm on Maui (my now home), I feel this magnetic energy. When I'm here, it seems everything flows and falls into place. I've been trying to figure out if that's that Maui magic everyone talks about, or if it's just a mindset I've adopted here for pretty much my entire life. I've settled on what I usually settle on as an idealist-realist: it's both.

Fall in love with your life and life will fall in love with you. I believe that statement is equal-parts magic, equal-parts math. Love computes to love, duh - science, but all the little details in between are what get mystical. If you believe in that statement, the rest is yours.  

It's true. I promise you. I experienced it firsthand this year.

After some huge life changes last summer, I decided to live by the principles I feel when I'm in love (the ones I feel when I'm on Maui) and watched everything unfold better than I could've imagined:

1. Tell the truth.

In other words, be authentic. Express yourself. Speak up. Be honest. When you're honest with yourself, you learn what you want. When you're honest with others, you get it. Telling the truth is being in your truth. Be committed to truth and alignment will happen.

2. Trust everything.

Whatever happens good or bad, is God. It doesn't mean you don't have free will to make a change, persist, or fight for what you believe in, but there is no separation. Even when something doesn't go your way, be humble enough to listen and default to trust in the bigger picture. One of my favorite questions is: "why is this happening for me?" Trust. It's all here to shape you, propel you, redirect you, and challenge you to keep moving forward.

3. Find awe and gratitude.

What if you looked at it all through grateful and mesmerized eyes? Life is fleeting. Every little ant, stick, stone and scoff is just here for a moment. Isn't that amazing? And don't even get me started about the beautiful things: the sun, the birds, the flowers, the night sky, a smiling neighbor - what a life, huh?

4. Have deep reverence.

Something the Hawaiian culture does beautifully is revere and respect all things: the land/nature, the ancestors, elders, children, each other, etc. What if you could revere it all like that? Bow to all that surrounds you with a sense of understanding or at least respect. Everything here belongs. Everything and everyone here is wiser and more ancient than we know. Humility is once again, key.

5. Intimacy over urgency.

The micro-connections throughout the day mean everything. Slow down. No more rushing, it's getting in the way of your moments with the cashier you buy the food to nourish your body with, and the person who shares the same street as you, and the guy who always walks his dog at the same time you do, and your mother who won't be around forever. Breathe, let go of the need to achieve so much, so quickly and share the moments - they're all we really have.


Who/what/where/when do you feel in love? Make a list of who you are/how you live when you're in love and LIVE by those principles. Commit and watch your world change.


Need more help? Reach me for a 1:1 and we will make this magnetism a mf'in lifestyle.

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