5 Qualities You Need for True Love

true love Jul 05, 2023

Love and Relationship Coach, Annie Laila says, “the heart is a prism and love is the light that pours through.” That means that what comes out the other side is a full spectrum rainbow. How beautiful right? Everyone appreciates the beauty of all the beaming colors of a rainbow. But what we forget is that it includes every color, every emotion, everything. Love is grief, love is beauty, love is fear, love is care, love is it all. This is especially why we can feel so triggered by our closest relationships; As safe as we feel vulnerable.


Love is accepting is your child for who they are even if you disagree with their views or expression.

Love is witnessing and holding space for your partner in their most vulnerable place and holding nothing against them.

Love is asking for what you want and need without making the person you’re asking it from wrong.

Love is choosing yourself even when it hurts to leave.

Love is choosing to breathe with your partner even when your ego is bruised.


True love is holistic, but not unchecked. Love is the light that illuminates the dark corners, cobwebs and splintered edges. Love is an opportunity to heal because it’s the only force strong enough to bring us to our greatest depth and greatest expansion. Love is the highest voltage we have… Can you withstand it?


Here are five qualities I believe it takes to have true love of any kind:

  1. Bravery - love is not for the fainthearted. This is a force to be reckoned with. The payoff is one billion-fold, but the courage it will take to step in is remarkable. Your heart is on the line, your soul exposed. The weight of the storms you’ll weather for it are heavy, but my god, it’s worth it. Do it in the name of love.
  2. Humility - love is collaborative and whole. The ego is fragmented and selfish. You’ll need to bring your rawest, truest, most mature self to this domain because everything else will be shattered by the purity of this frequency. Be humble to the experience of love and where it leads you. It’s wise, surprising and ironically, humbling in and of itself.
  3. Vulnerability - love demands your truth. It beckons you to be supple. It asks that you flow and soften. Your vulnerability is the dew that lubricates the entire mechanism that is love. You need to seep and ooze with your whole self turned inside-out.
  4. Expression - love needs you to show and it also needs you to tell. Embody your authenticity because it will lead you to your match. You can’t fool love. It’ll find you exactly where you are until you surrender the fawning, the faking, the hiding. After it finds you as you, you will be asked to use your voice and communicate your expression consistently. Show and tell.
  5. Dedication - love is the place you decide to go again and again no matter how hard or scary it gets. Love never abuses, love sculpts and pushes. Show up, commit, invest. Be dedicated to love and it will take you to only the most beautiful places.


Love is the darkness. Love is the light. Love is whole. Love is rich. Love can take you deeper into another, but it will always take you deeper into yourself. Though it’s not all easy, the Hawaiian proverb reminds us that is we let it, “Love is like a cleansing dew. Love washes away all hurt.”


Let it heal you.


Need help? Love is my first name (no, literally, “Kama” means “love” in Sanskrit). I have been a love warrior my entire life and have helped hundreds of people devote to the most fulfilling path of all: the path of love. Reach me for a 1:1 and we’ll change your entire approach to life itself.

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