63 Random Facts About Me

my experience Apr 13, 2021

I currently live in Puerto Rico.

I pierced my bellybutton with a sewing needle when I was 13 - twice.

My favorite animals are cats, but I am unbearably allergic to them.

I speak Spanish, some French and some Italian.

I am obsessed with being scared (horror movies, ghosts/haunted things, etc.)

I went to school in Mexico in fourth grade.

Everything in my life smells like coconut, vetiver or vanilla.

I have never been high off anything (but oxygen) in my life.

I love planning things.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a pop star or a marine biologist when I grew up.

When I was in 8th grade, I used to sneak out of my second story window every weekend just for the thrill of being outside at night.

I don’t like having pictures taken.

I own a natural eco-luxury skincare line called, Mukama Botanica.

I have been to every state in the US except (maybe) Maine.

I’m the ultimate adrenaline junkie and reckless energy revs me up (probably should’ve been on Jackass).

I have a bachelor’s degree in business management with a minor in beauty industry management and an A.A. in fashion design.

I was a theater kid in high school and I loved it.

Guavas are my favorite food.

I suck at playing jokes on people because I care too much about their feelings.

I have traveled to ~28 countries and 6/7 continents.

Quality time is my love language.

I call the nightclub “Squid Roe” my church and am aware I am probably one of the only people on earth who goes there sober and loves it.

People oftentimes make me anxious.

My favorite way to spend a weekend is exploring a new place and trying new food.

I am an introvert, but everyone mistakes me to be an extrovert.

My favorite music genres are reggae and emo-punk-alternative.

The first time I ever meditated, I cried.

In 2015, I baked myself a cake a week and gained 25 lbs in 3 months.

My sensitivity is my superpower and my weakness.

I started a petition to end the dress code at my middle school while sporting a mini skirt and knee-high socks and got sent to the principle’s office.

I am a big picture/conceptual thinker - details bore me to tears.

I got certified in makeup artistry in 8th grade.

I’m hopelessly romantic.

I never thought I’d be a teacher, but every teacher I had told me to teach. I am so happy they did.

I really dislike wearing clothes and shoes.

My grandpa holds the world record in boxing for getting knocked down and getting back up again the most times in one fight.

I am addicted to trying new things.

I’ve always wished I could surf well.

I am motivated by the tears of transformation and the peace and empowerment on the other side.

Keeping in touch with people is really challenging for me.

I have the best ghost stories.

I have a tattoo on my rib cage that I got at 18 that says, “addicted to glamour.” It’s currently getting removed.

I am vegetarian.

The first time I ever did yoga, I cried.

I used to never leave the house without fake eyelashes and hair extensions.

My sense of humor is that of a 15-year-old stoner-boy (the more random and dumb, the better).

Strangers often tell me deeply personal things about themselves and their lives.

I never brush my hair.

I studied Hawaiian Healing during the last month we ever had our house on Maui - all by coincidence.

I can sleep for 14+ hours a night - unbothered.

I have always despised seafood of any kind.

I am most inspired by nature.

Freedom is my number one personal value, but I would never sacrifice humanity or the planet for it.

I bite my nails like a fiend.

I am a nomad at heart.

Every 6 months, I have a MEGA breakdown (like clockwork) that leads to a MEGA breakthrough.

Kids always make me cry because they're just so cute.

The only shows I’ve ever cared to watch are Adventure Time and Spongebob.

I love a good roast.

The key to my heart is spontaneity, a sense of humor and authenticity.

I am most afraid of losing the lives of my loved ones.

Dancing is an understated love of mine.

My dream is to live in the Hawaiian jungle with 3 babies, a hairless cat and Nick in a beautiful, spacious, open modern-bohemian house with a wraparound balcony full of hammocks, swinging chairs, canopy curtains and things to climb on. Steel pulse playing, fruit trees swaying, blender blending fresh smoothies and the world healing.

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