7 Midweek Musings

babies cold plunge pranks Feb 21, 2024

My mom told me 11 was too many musings to read through each week, so let's try this out. I am finally feeling settled. I am feeling so much peace. Here are lucky number 7 things that inspired me this last week. 


1. Pranks

I was born on April Fool's Day. This is my truth. My friend reminded me to stay connected with my inner child and we both remembered how much I love pranks. During a particularly stress-y evening, I decided the best way to shift the energy would be by setting up a prank. I laughed to myself and with my friends who knew about it for hours. All it was was passion fruit body lotion on Sean's toothbrush, but it brought me so much silly joy, anticipation and in the end, laughter for everyone.


2. Potlucks.

As a recovering control freak, I'd never hosted a potluck until last week. It was the greatest. Clean up was easy, stress was low, preparation was quick and cheap and everyone felt like they contributed. I've been dying to host more, but the I always get in my own way about what needs to be provided. Gone are the days. Hello potlucks.


3. Cold plunges.

Sean started a cold plunge business partnered with Urban Hot Yoga in Laguna Hills, CA. I know the benefits: improved mode, increased immunity, higher tolerance for stress, etc., but my god, I hate the cold. I did it once in Maui on a hot summer day and only lasted a minute. I knew I wanted the benefits though, and of course, I wanted to support my partner. My second time ever cold plunging, I made it to five whole minutes and I felt electric and so, so strong (mentally, physically and emotionally). I am so proud.

P.S. if you have a local business and want to add a few turn-key cold plunges, comment below and we'll get you all info ;) 


4. The California mountains.

Hot take, but I prefer the California desert and mountains to the California ocean. If we're talking tropical ocean, it's ocean hand's down, but here, I find these inland features more stoic. In our new home, we overlook a whole bunch of ranges around OC, Riverside and San Bernardino. I can see the range that Lake Arrowhead is a part of, which is where I lived during Covid. It's all really special, serene and peaceful.


5. Valentine's Day easter egg hunt.

For my love, I ordered a bunch of red heart-shaped easter eggs and put a cute little compliment in each one. I did 17 because that's one of his favorite numbers and hid them around the house and yard. He was like a little boy finding them and I felt so fuzzy inside. Why not do this for all kinds of occasions?


6. Babies.

I love them. I've always loved them. They are squishy bundles of warmth and I would spend all day hanging out with them.


7. Naturepedic's EOS Classic Mattress.

I have this mattress in Maui and outside of business, a house and a car, this was the most expensive thing I have ever purchased. Worth it? Yes. We spend 1/3 of our life in bed and if you're anything like me, you're breathing and drooling face flat into the mattress. This is the only EWG certified mattress, clean, organic and natural and SO, SO, SO comfortable. So comfortable, we're taking advantage of the President's Day sale and getting one for California. If you miss that, use my eternal code: KAMA15 for 15% off all their eco sleep goods! Get yours here.



Was that more digestible? Let me know in the comments below!

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