7 Midweek Musings

accomplishments ice cream shower luck Mar 06, 2024

I've been really happy. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm finally at a place where I'm not afraid to speak my needs anymore. I'm finally at home within myself. I'm finally taking the wheel of my life again, not in a control-freaky way, but an empowered, excited way. I just get to drive. I get to move from a place of wholeness. I am diligently noticing the good and allowing for more of it.

I'm also playing like I promised myself I would.


Here are some things and moments that hype me right now:


1. Patio disco balls.

Disco balls in general. They've been on my vision board for all occasions for years. We bought one for a little beach bungalow we have and hung it in the middle over the summer for a beach-disco vibe, which rocked. Now it's hanging on our patio and it sprinkles its dancing, reflective light circles all across our home. I love it.


2. Cultivating the feeling, leaving out the details.

I've spent most of my life believing I had to have all the answers to what I wanted. I had to choose a vision and stick with it. And even if I didn't have to, I wanted to. The mind loves to know. As far as manifestation goes, people will tell you to have a vision so you can make it happen. I get that, but all of the best things in my life have worked out not from knowing the exacts, but just knowing the feeling I wanted.

Example: Instead of focusing on Miami because you think it'll bring you fun, culture and warmth - just focus on fun, culture and warmth and see where that brings you.

It's much more disheartening when you decide somewhere, something or someone will bring you a feeling only to realize it doesn't. You can bring that wherever you are, and the more of it you are, the more it matches you... and you find it everywhere.


3. Affelaye.

I found this artist sometime ago and find it to be some of my favorite music to work to, chill to, breathe to, etc. It's melodic, upbeat, yet mellow all at once. Its worldly, trance-y and deepening.


4. Affirming luck.

I've always been a little weird about luck. Maybe because I actually have so much of it, I actually experience a weird rejection and resistance around it. I didn't want to think it was real. I wanted life to be fairer than luck. The lucky truth is, luck is a frequency like anything else. I was born lucky, but if you weren't, you can change that. We're all a match to luck with some focus and attention. I wished everyone (including myself) a lucky week on Instagram last week after seeing a cute ladybug, and lo and behold, I had someone offer me the car I was dreaming of at a price about $5,000 under the going rate.

Luck was my intention, my focus and my declaration that week and I maintained positivity everyday - committing to turning around even the most challenging events. Life is magical. Luck is plentiful.


5. Window-facing desks.

I've had plenty of wall-facing desks in my life, but in our new place, it faces the most beautiful view of the OC mountains and hills. It's bright, inspiring and it makes me so freakin' happy.


6. Accomplishment lists.

I stumbled upon a wonderful creator on Instagram under the handle, @themindfriend. She had a free resources for entrepreneurs to work on their mindset and I downloaded it immediately. One of the things she suggested was to make a list of 3 things I've accomplished in my life in any/all areas and to keep adding to it daily. It took me a minute, but I ended up writing down 16 things and could've kept going. It was an instant confidence boost that reminded me how capable and powerful I am. I'm taking this with me.


7. Eating ice cream in the shower.

Sean and I got home from hot yoga and were soaked with sweat. It was so cold in our spot that our wet clothes made us freezing, but we were desperately craving the tub of vegan Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream in the fridge.

"I feel like I need to jump in the hot shower, I'm so cold!" He said.

"Same! Should we just bring the ice cream in the shower!?" I asked geniusly.

So we did.

Here are 3 reasons you should too:

1. The steam melts it to the perfect consistency

2. It's like hot-cold therapy. 

3. It's hilarious.

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