7 of My Favorite Albums Start to Finish

art expression music Nov 23, 2022

I love music and a lot of different kinds of it. Different mood, different memories - so many different reasons to put on an album. Making this list was hard. I can't securely say this is the final order (and there are SO many other albums I love), but these seem to be the ones I go back to for vibes, nostalgia and with admiration time and time again.

1. Fear Inoculum by Tool

There's nothing like this album. Period. It's heavy, complex, deep, trance-y and truly genius. I played this album from beginning to end while driving the arid, black molten lava grounds around Mauna Kea to Kilauea and had goosebumps on my actual bone barrow.

2. Black Sands by Bonobo

This album VIBES. I do so much to the soundtrack of these nature-centric electro-beats. It helps me get into a work flow, it helps set a cool ambiance for hosting, it helps destress me, it helps make me feel like a goddess. Each song blends so effortlessly into the next without any redundancy. It's upbeat and chill AF all at once.

3. True Democracy by Steel Pulse

As someone said on Youtube, "this is one of those albums where every song be jammin." It's not wrong. It jams so hard. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I dream of these songs wafting through the open doors of my jungle house while smoothies blend and hairless cats climb things they're not supposed to. It's joyful, powerful, light and meaningful all at once. These sounds are my sounds.

4. Take Care (Deluxe Version) by Drake

Drake has said that he makes music for driving at night. I love that niche. Night driving music is lit and melancholy all at once. This album gives me feels I can't even explain: from deep emotional reflection to sexual awakening and everything in between. I love how personal it feels - like a diary or an intimate, private conversation. I've always been a Drake stan, but this album I can truly say I love every song and I will drive all night to it (no Céline Dion reference intended, but I love her too).

5. An Awesome Wave by Alt-J

Alt-J is just cool, okay? They do cool things. They sound like nobody else. They're so creative lyrically and musically and every song is like a brand new experience. I love novelty and this album keeps me on my toes even after the thousandth time listening to it. I feel like I'm on a mission in a foreign land as I journey through these fourteen masterpieces. 

6. Riot by Paramore

NOSTALGIA CITY here we come. This album reminds me of being an angsty tween, dying the under part of my hair black and smearing black eyeliner all over my eyes. It reminds me of first crushes and a yearning for independence. I could belt every song on this album as I head-bang to the booming drums on every track like it's the first time every time.

7. Born To Die by Lana Del Rey

Lana is a true artist and this early album is a showcase of that. All the different characters she plays in her songs about things I can't even relate to just keep me so intrigued. I love how she plays into the shadow of society and the feminine so candidly and boldly. She's classic, nouvelle, edgy and gentle all at once. She, and this entire album is a paradox, and that I love. She makes me feel like a flirty, sassy queen with grit.

 8. Un Verano Sin Ti by Bad Bunny

I know I said "7 of my favorite albums," but honestly, plot twist: this could be my #1. Somehow all 23 songs on the album are absolute bangers and this reggaeton creative genius manages to make every song fresh and new even with that redundant beat (that I love so much). This music was made for a good time all the time and can be thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.


Extra shout outs to Hozier by Hozier, Tickets to my Downfall by Machine Gun Kelly, Nirvana by Nirvana, Good Life by Collie Buddz and The Altar by Banks. I love each and every one of you.


Music and art are such incredible insights into our minds and souls. What we gravitate towards tells a story of what we've been through, who we are and who we want to be. Pay attention. What we admire and what moves us is never a coincidence. I have an incredible practice for this I'll be teaching at my next livestream class on December 4th. Join for $15, or join the Mu Membership for $5 more and get the class free!

Tell me your favorite albums in the comments below! 

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