9 Midweek Musings

cher cranberry juice underboob Jun 05, 2024

I'm still recovering from two nights of no sleep a few weeks ago. That really does you in, my guys. This intro is short and sweet, because I go into more detail than I normally do on musings. Enjoy lots of words and thoughts and feels:


1. Greenery

Since everyone knows Southern California is cloud seeding now (seriously look it up, it's not a conspiracy, they've fully admitted to it). The one benefit is that everything is green. I am extremely suss about how safe this is and struggling with the incessant clouds and cold weather, but the ONE good thing is that it's green and I really, really like that.


2. Cranberry juice as my party drink

At EDC, a kind man offered to buy my boyfriend and I a drink after we all danced around together to Dimension. Since I don't drink, I usually say, "a water, please!" But this time, I got crazy and ordered a cup of cranberry juice. The sugar is through the roof, so it's really a special kind of thing, but it hit so hard that everyone was asking for a sip.


3. Going to the grocery store

I've been doing this all my adult life until I discovered Instacart this year. I just found how much time I could save and how much more I could get done (especially considering Sean and I are gone every other weekend it seems). At first, it was amazing, but the con was that I felt even more disconnected from where my food was coming from. I was feeling so uninspired to cook. I've found that for me, connecting to the ingredients is essential to my process and actually motivates me to want to create with them. I'm so grateful for the convenience of Instacart and will use it from time to time, but I know the real magic happens at the grocery story (better yet: the farmer's market).


4. Cher

Old news, she's cool. Her outfits slapped. She's funny and candid. I love her Chicken Shop interview.


5. The photo of Keith Moon's car in a swimming pool

Google it. Know it. Frame it. We're literally about to and put it on our wall.


6. Lemon chicken

This used to be my fave, but after being fully 100% vegetarian for seven years, I naturally let this go. I started eating chicken in moderation again a couple of months ago due to the fact that my protein, iron and B12 levels were low. I absolutely believe you can get it all on a plant-based diet. I absolutely feel weird about eating an animal. But the truth is, if you don't have a stable lifestyle, easy access to vegetarian proteins/supplements and a heck of a lot of diligence and discipline to get your nutrients, it can be extremely challenging.

Ahimsa is the yogic principle of nonviolence (nonviolence, compassion and pacifism). For a long time I felt that ahimsa was just applied to everyone/everything else, but the irony was that I was suffering and I was not practicing being compassionate to my own needs. Life is complex and I see all sides of this argument. Yet I trust my body and giving it this trust to consume *lemon chicken* as ethically and consciously as I can is a reclamation of the distrust, violence and muting I've done to my body for so long. 


7. My interns

I hired two interns to help me with my digital magazine: Maui Makai. They are young and cool and adorable and I am so incredibly grateful for their help. I feel so protective over them. I want to support their journey so much. It has been amazing to challenge all of my financial blocks and see that people will exchange their time to learn and grow. It is so symbiotic and I take their success very seriously. Maybe too seriously. I think they're so precious and I just love the youth.


8. Underboob

It's hot.


9. Replacing negative talk with action

I had a powow with some of my favorite women and we all came to find something very vulnerable and uncomfortable out: all of our partners had told us we were a bit negative. WHAT?! We were all shocked to hear this about each other and left us with the questions: is it being a woman? Is it us - this squad? Are we all crazy? Is it something in the water? The culture?

I've worked pretty dang hard on not being negative, but there's a lot more to undo and be mindful of. My partner hears the brunt of it (as most partners do), but I don't wanna bring this energy ANYWHERE. It was hard to hear, but honestly, I am so grateful for his feedback. And I am so grateful I'm not alone. And if this is you, you're not alone either. We can do this together.

Something I'm trying is: ANYTIME I want to speak negatively about anything, I pause and do something about it. I set a boundary. I channel the energy into work. I shift to gratitude and make a list. I breathe. WHATEVER. Where your energy flows, attention goes. Let's reroute.

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