9 Midweek Musings

obligation shakas tea Jun 19, 2024

I'm laying in the sun in the grass as I write this and I swear I'm reaching parts of myself and my communication in a way that I haven't reached in a long time.

With my belly on the earth and the blades wafting beneath my nose, there are moments where I even catch a whiff of Mu, my old childhood home. And isn't it special how sunshine smells sweet?

I've been waiting for this moment for a long time.


1. Jasmine Green Tea.

One time, in a deep meditation after three months of intensive work on meeting the most integral parts of me (more on this another time). I was guided by my teacher to witness the temple of my holistic self. My temple wasn't a castle or a church or a even a shrine in nature. My temple was a double-spouted black tea kettle tethered in rope. It sat in the middle of a desert, but the air around it was steamy, humid and smelled of jasmine.

I have some guesses as to why this image came through (even open to yours!), but I am still dissecting it. What I do know is I've always been drawn to tea - not so much for the flavor, but for the essence. The extractions, the medicine, the stillness, the gathering, the combination of nature and opulence. The lusciousness. 

As I write this, I see myself in it.

And so, when I sip jasmine green tea out of my favorite mug, I think maybe I am that cup of jasmine green tea. And I feel closer to myself.


2. Shakas.

There is no greater gesture than a shaka. To me it says: I see you, I am you, we're/it's good fam. What's better?


3. Red.

Don't even start with me.


4. Animal omens.

The hawk flying into my head last week wasn't the start of it. I've had people telling me about wild animal omens for a few weeks now. An intuitive friend of mine told me the veil felt thin. Whatever it is, I love letting animals be my little messengers. Humans have been interpreting their presence and run-ins with them since the beginning of time. It really makes life a lot more magical. Just remember, as Gabby Bernstein says "the universe has your back." And as I say, "get the f*ck outside."


5. Wearing a little sprig on top of my head with my bangs out.

I've been doing the sprig for a while now, but usually I gather all the front hairs up too. If you're having a hard time picturing this, just think of how people style their shih tzu's or malteses. That's me. But the other day, I placed the sprig further back on my head and left my bangs out. It was so cute. It felt like me in a hairstyle. I love how playing with appearance can just amplify your spirit. It's not all superficial.


6. Just putting it out there.

I feel like the Instagram algorithm has really deprioritized my content lately. My engagement is literally a quarter of what it used to be. Oddly, it's helped me: I've had enough posts that have bombed now that I feel much less embarrassed about how many likes I get. I'm finally posting some things just because I want to. It's MY page, isn't it? It allowed me to take some control back. It's also trained me to be bolder in other areas too: cold calls, press releases, inviting people to parties - you name it. A little rejection is good; Let it empower you.


7. Getting clear on what an obligation actually is.

Okay WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG!? It is truly life-changing to understand how to sort out your obligations and find BALANCE. I've got the secret and I can't keep my mouth shut about how transformative this one simple practice has been. Now I'm teaching it in the next Lush Life Membership. Join before 7/14 to get access!


8. Creeks.

I grew up near one and I always felt like it was whatever. Maybe it's because SoCal is so much drier, that when I do stumble upon one now, I feel so much joy. There's something so peaceful and endlessly entertaining about a creek and all the little critters within.


9. Personal business calls.

In a world of email and AI, it's easy to never have face-time with the people you're working with. As I've been neck-deep in searching for a new manufacturer for my skincare line, Mukama Botanica, I've found that the people who take time to video-chat are my kinds of people. They're the heart people. They're the ones who value connection. And their businesses show. Maybe that's not for everyone, but that's for me. And taking the time to make it sincere and personal is the stuff that matters in my version of business.

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