9 Midweek Musings

aries season confetti limbo Apr 10, 2024

I am swimming in love of all kinds. I feel reinforced by the sunshine, my people and my self-investments and the beauty of the expansive world. I am at all sorts of peace and I am radically stepping into me. I want to document what's here in the first week of my 28th year.


1. Aries season.

 Biased. It's my birthday season. But honestly, this time of year always feels good to me. The sun is coming out, flowers are blooming and it just feels like hope, excitement and rebirth. I'm so inspired during this time of year. Anybody with me?


2. Doing my hair.

For years, I have let my hair be as unruly as it wants to be. There's something to that. I like it. But I have to admit, when I put effort into it, I feel really really good. Like confidence boosted at least 20%. I'll take it.


3. Limbo.

Not being in limbo - that blows. Limbo, the game. Not to brag, but I am advanced at this, and because of that, I am committing to showcasing my talent at every party. Also, people love limbo.


4. Brand Builders.

For the last couple of years, I've really struggled with my brand. I felt like there were elements of my personality that were completely missing from the forefront. I felt like I wasn't completely hitting the nail on the head with my mission statement. At a crux, I found Brand Builders Group, the masterminds behind Lewis Howes, Tom and Lisa Bilyeu, Amy Porterfield, Selena Soo, and Kevin Harrington. I had the absolute pleasure of working with Brand Builders to rebuild and monetize my brand and I have clarity and insight into my purpose that has been absolutely invaluable. I cannot wait to share it with you.


5. Nutrafol vitamins.

I've been taking four of these babies a day for just about three months and honestly, my hair has grown probably twice as fast. I'm shocked. I looked at a photo of my hair on NYE just three months ago and it's about two full inches longer!!! 


6. Weekly meditation themes.

I used to do whatever meditation felt most helpful in the moment. For the past two months or so, I've been sticking with a weekly theme (ie: peace, confidence, presence, compassion) and have found this to be immensely helpful and transformative. In the Mu Membership, I have 200+ meditations for anything and everything you could want to embody. I invite you to use one meditation daily for a week or a series of them related to the theme you're working with and feel the results. I've spent over 60,000 hours in meditation over the last seven years researching, listening and experiencing different styles (along with my professional training) and I can honestly tell you: I have created something extremely powerful.


7. Dangly chain bracelets.

I love dainty dangly little chains that fall from the delicate part of wrist. My sweet friend bought me a gold and pearl chain bracelet with a tiny heart that drips from the clasp. It's so sweet and elegant.


8. Confetti.

My house is still covered in it almost a week after my birthday and I love it.


9. SusieCakes buttercream birthday cake.

 This is what dreams are made of.

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