9 Midweek Musings

banter that builds neapolitan pizza praise jah Apr 17, 2024

I just got back from 10 days in Miami and the Bahamas. I love Miami so much it's honestly sick. It's my aesthetic, my music, my weather and a mix of beach and amazing restaurants and fun events - like, what else could you ask for? Right after, we celebrated Sean's incredible work year in the Bahamas with a few people who qualified from his team. That guy's ability to live life and absolutely slay at work blows my mind. His ambition and zest for living is my flippin' speed. Speaking of being a perfect match, today's our official one year anniversary (we responsibly waited 2 WHOLE WEEKS from the day we met to commit) - and it was the best reckless decision I've ever made.


1. Prioritizing.

Can I just say that I suck at this? Maybe it's because I'm an enthusiast in the enneagram meaning I am just obsessed with living life as hard as I can, but regardless, I have always found it impossible to make decisions on what is most important. EVERYTHING IS! With a little help from a coach who asked me all the right questions and some fast-paced living that DEMANDED I let some things go, I have found that this actually makes life even richer! An enthusiast's dream! Has this been on my list before!? I can't remember because I constantly forget how good this is!


2. IV Vitamin Drips.

I pushed it way too hard and got sick on our last day in the Bahamas. I slithered my way to the spa and invested in a Myers Cocktail to pump vitamins and fluids back into my body. I'd done this a time or two before so I knew the drill: come in crawling, leave walking. MASSIVE. So worth it - especially if you're really under the weather.


3. Letting Loose.

I know a lot of you think I'm loose as it is, but I'm really a regular human who gets weird and rigid and awkward and competitive and shameful and all the things humans do. What really helps me get loose is... getting loose. Not through substances, you know my flow: just getting in my body and letting it ride the wave of energy around me. Live music? Get into it. Wind in your hair, shake that mane around. Sun in your eyes? Bask in it. Just lean in. That's the best way to put it. It makes everything so much lighter and funner.


4. First, We Make the Beast Beautiful.

This book by Sarah Wilson was recommended to me by a coach I worked with named Laura Jurgens. It's about anxiety, but not in the self-help kind of way. It's written in a candid, honest anecdotal type of way; Narratively. It's refreshing, sincere, validating and comforting to any of us stress-ridden anxious types who just need to remember the number one salve for it all: self-compassion. I'm only a quarter of the way through and am already at least 45% easier on myself. The beast really is looking more beautiful.


5. Giveaways.

Through my new digital magazine, Maui Makai, I'm collaborating with six other brands local to Maui including a jewelry line, a natural skincare line, a bikini line, a honey company, a clothing boutique and a matcha brand to gift one of our readers a full-sized gift or gift card from each one of these Maui businesses! ($495 value!)


To enter…

  1. Follow @malokaico, @mukamabotanica, @natashalianaboone, @beenourished808, @shopmahina, and @maui.makai on Instagram.
  2. Like this and each of the other brand's giveaway posts.
  3. Tag a friend you would love to share these lovely local goodies with.

Giveaway ends at midnight HST on 4/22. Winner will be announced via Stories and DM on 4/24!


Was that a plug? Absolutely, but you benefit. And it's so incredibly fun to showcase and connect with local brands doing awesome stuff. I wish I could rig this thing for myself hahaha


6. Multicolored nail tips.

Has anyone seen my nails lately!? I might never change them!!!


7. Neapolitan pizza.

This is the best kind of pizza. Fight me.


8. "Praise Jah In the Moonlight" by YG Marley.

This song by our King Bob's grandson is trending so hard right now and rightly so because it FREAKING SLAPS.


9. Banter that builds.

There's nothing better than shooting the sh*t with someone about something and just continuing to build on that one joke. I sat next to a woman at an award show and for a good third of the event, we made up scenarios about all the people each winner could thank - getting more and more ridiculous with every person who stepped up to the podium. *Chef's kiss.* Gives me life.

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