9 Midweek Musings

carrots my sons oversized sunglasses Apr 24, 2024
Girl in Bahamas wearing matching set

I feel like I've been leaning into my weird a lot lately. Not in a forced way, but in a very organic, leaning back into a hammock kind of way. It actually feels like getting older. You know how parents are just weird? They literally just don't care what they're doing in front of other people anymore? I thought it was generational. I think it's actually evolution. Happy to be here, being a freak.

Here's what I'm into right now:


1. Sets.

I am obsessed with matching clothing sets right now. Skirt and top that are made for each other?! Pants and shirt that are one in the same!? THE EASE! THE CONVENIENCE! And honestly, I just love this look right now. Catch me in one early next week.


2. Watching my dermatologist scalpel things off my body.

 I had two moles I needed to get biopsied. I watched the entire thing with so much awe. I know this makes me sick. I don't care.


3. Carrots.

Growing up, carrots were my JAM, dude. I used to eat the frick out of these things. I don't know what changed, but I slowed my carrot roll. We're back though and I am just so pleased they exist. They're obviously a great snack with hummus - and a Kama classic: with salt and lime (A LOT of both) - thank me later.


4. Ordering one thing from multiple restaurants.

Have I not written about this!? My favorite date night ever?! Perfect for two enthusiasts who have an impossible time making decisions between multiple good things. So why choose? Go to two or three restaurants (obviously best done on a weekend with plenty of time) and share one delicious thing from each place. It's fun. It's funny. It's satisfying.


5. Asafoetida.

This oniony-garlicy spice was bought for me by my Indian friend who insisted its incredible benefits for digestion and reducing bloat. It does so by stimulating bile flow and secretion as well as digestive enzymes of the pancreas and small intestine. It's actually a dried sap/resin obtained from the roots of Ferula plants, but is dried and ground into a powder. You guys - it is so good and literally, I no longer bloat from things I eat it with.


6. Oversized sunglasses.

Is it 2009? Are we back? Is it just me? Hello? Anybody else here? Just me and Paris Hilton? Fine, whatever. I just ordered these on Amazon and I am obsessed with them.


7. My sons.

No, I don't actually have sons. I've never given birth. I am not a mother. But I do have four now-grown boys that I grew up that I will always think of as my little baby bois. I got a FaceTime from one of them out of the blue last week and it literally made my month. To my four little babies who are actually 16, 18, 21, 22 - you know who you are. MAMA LOVES YOU.


8. Surveys.

I've been surveying the shii out of people lately (for business, not friendships, relax) (but actually can you imagine?) (why am I interested in doing that?) (someone stop me?)! ANYWAY: it's so helpful to know what the heck is going on with your clients, customers, people - they have all the answers you want and need. They are who you serve so get straight to it! THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who've taken the time to answer the questions if I've prompted you to!


9. Clear universe messages.

I keep pulling the same card over and over again for my dining room table (aka what I use as a desk 90% of the time). It says "Believe in Yourself." It can't be a coincidence.

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