9 Midweek Musings

matcha my own medicine obscure cues Apr 03, 2024

A return to myself, but... up-leveled.


1. Actually breathing through shit

You guys, I know I preach this all the time, but admittedly, I resist it just as much as the next guy. I've said this before, but you have no idea how high stress I am as a person. It's seriously next-level. I NEED these tools - and though I use them preventatively (thank god), I oftentimes forget to use them in the moment, when I need them the most. Well my friends, I have finally decided to taste my own medicine and though it doesn't cure it all, it damn well cures 95% of whatever I'm going through in just a few breaths. I'm shameless about it now - breathing like a maniac.


2. Travel.

Have you been following these blogs long enough to remember when it was mostly a travel blog? "Lessons From..." where I'd share the ways places I visited inspired me? It's morphed and evolved in many ways, but that really is a core truth to me: travel is so deeply moving and inspiring. Somewhere between COVID lockdowns, moving eleven times and having to travel, I stopped writing in this way... mostly because I stopped feeling inspired like I did. It was sort of existential. I felt like I lost a piece of myself. And though I do crave being more settled, and value having more routine and community than I did before, on my last trip to Costa Rica, I was reignited in many ways. There is nothing like travel. Nothing.


3. Morning dance parties.

I'm a groggy morning girl. I could sleep until midday everyday if life would permit. Very contrary to what sounds fun when I open my heavy lids and drag myself out of bed, Sean and I had an upbeat reggae dance party in the kitchen and it literally made a busy, chaotic work day into the best day ever. I couldn't stop smiling and my energy was so high.


4. Waking up early and watching the sunbeams pour into my living room.

Enough to get me out of bed early in the morning. Enough said.


5. Matcha lattes.

I know, I know, you've heard this from me before. I'm washed up. I'm predictable now. But I took a break for a while. I was trying to avoid caffeine. I still will be mindful, but there is no joy like a matcha latte with half a date, vanilla extract, coconut cream and homemade nut mylk (vibing with cashew right now). There are a couple more avant-garde ingredients I like to add that can be found in my many recipes in the Mu Membership.


6. Following obscure cues from my body.

I've been into this for a while, but I took it to the next level the other day. I woke up in the morning and got this strange zesty taste in my mouth, immediately followed by this image of a foot soak with citrus slices in it. Random, I know. I almost let it go, but then I thought "I'll hear you out. What does it mean?" As I brushed my teeth, it clicked: lemon water. I hadn't done that in ages, but all the nutritionists in the world say it's amazing for alkalizing the body and prepping the digestive system. I had just gotten back from a week of eating very de-alkalizing foods and dehydrating the frick out of myself... it made so much sense that this would be the medicine. Just listen and happily, curiously explore.


7. Boldly asking.

I am TIMID when it comes to asking for favors. I envy the people who ask their friends to dog sit, their neighbors to pick up mail, their own parents for a ride... I am always afraid to ask. Now that I own a digital magazine highlighting the Maui community, my mentor tells me it is essential to ask for free things. Also, there are a million ways to make it a win-win (the only way I could accept). So now, I'm practicing everyday: ask. The worst they can say is "no." And maybe slander you forever and despise you and....!  And still, ask. That'd be quite the dramatic response anyway.


8. Being excited.

I spent a lot of last year being stressed and trying to figure out everything all at once even though time was needed (and that's literally impossible). Finally, I am riding a wave of excitement again. Blooming with the spring - so much to be happy about. I beg of you, get excited about something. Remember that feeling before Christmas morning as a kid? Or before a fun sleepover? It's the best feeling ever. It keeps us young and alive.


9. Partnerships.

Again, something I've mentioned, but I've realized that trying to do it all on my own is my biggest downfall. People are meant to lean on people. We are meant to collaborate. Team up. Fill in each other's holes. I'm building teams, baby. Get ready.

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