9 Midweek Musings - Costa Rica

casados chocolate costa rica shutting up Mar 27, 2024
Girl crossing suspension bridge at Selvatura Adventure Park in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

I just got back from a week in Costa Rica. I am RESET, my guys. I am so grateful for the experience and the break. We tasted coffee, made chocolate, indulged in traditional spa therapies, soaked in hot springs, saw all kinds of wild animals, ziplined, swam in the ocean, and explored the frick out of this place from the San Jose city to the rainforest of La Fortuna to the cloud forest of Monteverde to the beautiful beaches of Manuel Antonio. There's so much more on my instagram, but here's what inspired me from the trip:


1. Tandem ziplining.

Who knew!? Hollering for 5,220 feet of zipline 400 feet above the jungle floor, wrapped up by Sean's legs was hilarious and fantastic.


2. Workouts where I can squeeze them in.

Aside from the near 13,000 steps per day I got in walking around all the new towns, cities and nature preserves, I really abandoned ship on my fitness routine. That's okay - life is meant to be lived. I am all for letting the workouts go on vacation, but since I have a few trips coming up, I challenged myself to find the balance: squats while brushing my teeth, calf-raises while waiting in line, quick ab workouts in the hotel room between events... I found that you really can get a little movement and strength in anywhere. So why not!?


3. Manuel Antonio.

 I was lucky to have traveled here once when I was seventeen, but the itinerary we were following was so laid out (more on that below), that I decided I might as well give it another go. Something annoying about me is I don't like doing the same thing twice (that even includes eating at the same restaurant - sorry to my friends and lover). HOWEVER - I stand so corrected. This experience in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica was completely different from the last time. I felt like I was in a brand new place and it was just so breathtakingly beautiful: the ocean, the cliffs, the jungle, the wildlife, the sprinkling of islands just offshore. It was the part of the trip I looked forward to the least and loved the most.


4. Following an online itinerary.

To continue off of #3, I never follow itineraries that I didn't create. Another confession: I've historically been way too big of a control freak who doesn't want to end up at the touristy spots. I also believe I have absolutely exquisite, unparalleled taste (not that taste is subjective or anything...).

ANYWAY: I was too slammed to sit down and plan this trip and so we deferred to this 7-day itinerary we simply found online. We added a few things and subtracted a few (and yes, I did research every little thing to ensure the reviews and photos looked up to standard), and I have to say... it went pretty frkn well with a whole lot less stress and time.


5. Casados.

This Costa Rican specialty is a mixed plate of all things good: friend plantains, sauces, avocado, beans, rice, and whatever protein you desire. After living in Puerto Rico for a year, I felt versed in these ingredients, but something about the way they seasoned it and put it all together hit every time.


6. Nutty, caramel-y washed medium roast coffee.

Now that I've studied the coffee flavor wheel, I can tell you I'm not a fruity coffee girl. I don't want tartness in my mouth - I want a rich, smooth nutty, caramel, vanilla, chocolate vibe. That comes from where the bean is grown, what it's grown next to, and how it's processed. The more membrane that's left on, the fruitier and tarter it tastes (the membrane is literally the fruit). I like that little bean STRIPPED and lightly or medium-ly roasted.


7.Cacao body wraps.

I did. I paid money to have my body wrapped in chocolate. I was told by my friend, Jonas, the owner of the ceremonial cacao line, Ora Cacao, that cacao can be absorbed trans-dermally (through the skin) and that the experience is euphoric. Dude. He was right. I felt blissful, peaceful, and had visions activating some of the deepest self-love I've ever felt.


8. Letting myself be quiet.

I am that person who is addicted to filling the space. If the group is quiet, I feel it is my civil duty to jump in and make sure there is no awkward tension. Well, well, well... look who's exhausted!? (Me). Being the enthusiastic over-zealous types that Sean and I are, there have been moments on this trip where I have been bone-tired. Even when I wanted to keep the vibes high and the banter strong, I challenged myself myself to well... stfu. And rest. And guess what? All is swell. 


9. Salty af chocolate.

Salted caramel, salted chocolate, salt and lime. It's all for me. I love salt and in chocolate, I think there's room to use more of it.

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