A Letter I Wrote to Myself in 2015

my experience Apr 14, 2021

2015 was one of the hardest years of my life. New city, new school, no friends, fresh break-up and an inauthentic push into a field I didn't truly love.

My rock bottom to propel me to the top. The drop that flipped my life upside-down in ultimately, the best possible way.

This was the moment I decided to make a change.

Here's what I wrote:

Good job at overcoming your darkest moments all, 100% on your own.

Things I won't write here for confidentiality + safety, but I know as hard as I try to forget, they'll always be there. I am grateful for this because I know it's a reminder of how strong I can be.

This past year you've hard your heart shattered. Over & over by the same person who you thought would hold & take the utmost care of it.

Well, after all your greatest fears came true & you faced all sorts of truths, we can officially say you've conquered it.

I am so proud to say I moved to a big city all on my own at 18 for the first time in my life, excelled in school, came out of a fucked up breakup & started fresh. I disposed of what I didn't need & focused on me.

I went on about 8 dates, of course developed a couple flings out of those, but also realize that there were more fails than successes. This makes me proud because I am taking only what I want to make time for & through it all have managed to look at it not as failing, but as a learning experience.

Weeding 'em out <3.

Also I am so proud when I tell people I confidently walked up to the coffee shop, park, or restaurant and greeted whoever I was meeting up with with a genuine, confident smile.

I know my worth, I am proud of my determination & all I've worked for to be where I am.

Though I credit myself for being determined, self-confident, and in a happy relationship with myself, I want it to be even stronger.

I want to trust, to be strong, to be 110% self-sure.

I want to designate more time to me.

I want to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE myself & truly commit to me.

I want my self-confidence & happiness to RADIATE through be & be noted by everyone I meet.

I want to be independent & truly believe I don't need anyone.

I will work for this just like I've worked for & through everything else - but even harder.




Does this letter sound like you to you? I'd love to know if you've ever felt the way I've felt.

When I read this letter, I felt so much respect and pride for the decision I made to choose self-love.

It was a stumble, but I was relentless. I am still relentless and I am still learning, but I have finally cracked the code.

I can't be selfish with this - I am here to share...

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