Do You Believe in Magic?

my experience philosophy Jun 16, 2021

Do you believe in magic?

What about when you’re thinking of someone and they call?

Or when you wake up from a dream only to experience something you just dreamt of?

Or what about when déja vu?
Or when you know someone’s in the room when you thought you were alone?

Or how if you look into someone’s eyes long enough, you’ll oftentimes say the same thing at the same time?

What about love?

Or the feeling in your gut when something is about to go wrong?

Or right?

What about the overlap of symbolism, deities and fundamental principles that exist in cultures across lands?

Or that if people focus on something enough, they can make it happen.

And what about the fact that we are in the only planet in our galaxy that is inhabitable by life like ours?

Floating, spinning, breathing, laughing, crying, dancing, worrying, talking, feeling, thinking?

What about creation?

Or about the fact that nutrient-rich food blossoms from the soil to nourish us for our whole lives?

Or that we can scientifically alleviate anxiety, depression and dis-ease by standing barefoot on the raw earth?

And that we have sunsets?

And oceans?

And animals that change colors and communicate through scent and sonar?

How about the fact that we’re alive?

And you are here?

And that we have these funny little things we call, “coincidence.”

But it could be magic.

Did you read through that list and search for a logical explanation for each and every one?

I see you, skeptics and realists. I find myself being both as well.

But even science will tell you that some things just can't be explained.

And believing makes for a much richer life.

You could be magic.



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