The Healer's Guide to Staying Fortified During a Healing

healer reiki Dec 08, 2021

Healers, we need you. We need you healing and we need you vibrating high. You  need you too! Whether you're a reiki practitioner, massage therapist, psychologist, coach, intuitive, doctor, nurse, artist or an empath with a sensitive soul, these tips can be applied to your life, career or personal practice.

After years of practicing as a reiki master, there came a point where I exhausted myself. I was looking for that symbiotic exchange that the masters before me had talked about. It wasn't until a client, fresh on her animal healing journey asked me how to prevent depletion in a session that I realized I had the formula. Here's how I've learned to stay whole and centered while I give.

1. Look at the Being as Already Whole - Even when heaviness comes up when you're working with a client, remember it's like dust and dirt that's accumulated on the body and energy body overtime. This being is perfect and you're here to realign, clear and polish them up.

2. Move + Flow - Energy is alive. It wants to move. Embrace the twitches, the shudders, the sways, the stomps, the exhales, the shakes or whatever else comes through you during a session. This will allow the energy to not get stuck in you. It's telling you to let it flow through you!

3. Close Out - When the healing feels complete or the time is up, take a moment to thank the being, yourself, the energy and the guides involved (if you called them forward at the beginning which I do suggest!) and free them all.

  •  My Ritual: swipe 3x diagonally from right shoulder to left hip and same from opposite shoulder to opposite hip, swipe down from shoulder to wrist on both arms, and from wrist to fingers on both hands. Then close out by lifting the arms overhead and crossing them in front of the body to clear it all out. I then say a silent closing prayer to "allow all energy released to be transmuted to the highest possible good."

4. Clear - Even though you just closed and cleared, your work doesn't stop there. Continue to stay intuitive about what you need for yourself. A smoke clearing? A salt bath? A run? Some earthing? A shake/dance? A moment in meditation? Whatever it is, as a healer, it's vital to stay clear (for you and humanity).

Are you a healer? Even in your household? Your community? Your office? Let me know some of your favorite ways to stay whole and energized.

And remember, healers need healer too! Book me for a reiki session to get your fill and polish :)

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