How to Make Intentions Intentional

goals intention setting new year Jan 05, 2022
Goal setting can get whack real quick. Think: superficial, society-suggested, cultural-pressure that really isn't yours/what you even want. Here's how to let go of any "should's" and simply feel into your own personal wants and needs - intentionally. This is how you sustain real change and manifest magic.
Let's start with the dimensions of self...
1. Physical
2. Mental
3. Emotional
4. Spiritual
5. Social
Why start here? To be holistic, of course. We are complex, multi-faceted beings. You know how I say, "there's no one-size-fits-all?" Well there's hardly even a "one-size-fits-you" either. We must check in with all aspects of our selves to see if we can find an all-encapsulating intention, or set multiple intentions so no part of us gets left behind.
Step 1: Meditate on what each dimension of self needs/wants.
Step 2: Write it down as a positive affirmation statement (like it's already happened/happening in the present moment).
Step 3: Feel what it feels like to have this intention affirmed in your life and feel gratitude for it.
Step 4: Repeat with new dimension of self.
Read this list daily. Feel each one as if it's happening and thank each one for being in your life. This is called creating your reality. This is true manifestation.
What reality have you manifested?
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