How to Manifest Whatever You Want

healthy communication magic manifestation Apr 26, 2023

According to the MÅ« lineages, all of us are magicians, it's just a matter of remembering our power. What do I mean by magician? Well, pretty much what you think, only modernize it and make it practical. We all are made of life-force energy - it's coursing through us at all times. We are the universe, we are God. In other words, we are made to make sh*t happen. We are manifested into the physical so we can manifest in the physical. Duh. Didn't you know? Or have you, like so many of us, forgotten?

This is your reminder:




And it is absolutely essential you cultivate it for yourself, for humankind, for the universe. Manifestation isn't selfish, it's a transmission of divinity. Your desires aren't arbitrary, they are made for your expansion; And in the law of oneness, your expansion is everyone and everything's expansion. You feel me?

So you're probably familiar with positive affirmations, aligned vibrations and vision boards (all excellent tools for administration - more on that soon), but what has been resurrected to me by my teacher, Ke'oni Hanalei is the essential exchange that needs to happen for anything to materialize. Here are the three essential things you need to do to manifest whatever you want:

Invocation: What are you calling in? Whether it's material or emotional, get clear on your desire and claim it.

Sacrifice: What are you letting go of? Let this be an emotional quality (ie: urgency, pressure, scarcity), and know that it needn't be something positive. The point of the sacrifice is to gain from letting it go.

Administration: How are you going to make it all happen? How are you going to show up and commit? Magic is practical. Do it.

What are you calling in? What are you invoking? Want to work deeper in this way? Reach me for a 1:1 - let's make magic happen.

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