Mu: A Poem

maui mu poem raw Jun 01, 2022

I fell in love with my first love here.

I danced barefoot in the grass here.

I sketched more than I have ever sketched here.

I picked fresh fruit here.

I learned about spirituality here.

I stargazed the galaxies here.

I've seen whales skyrocket from the ocean here.

I've painted and sculpted here.

I decided to end my first relationship here.

I caught a fish here.

I faced my fears here.

I threw up here.

I grew here.

I bought a one-way ticket here.

I stopped my bulimia here.

I found my self-expression here.

I've felt beautiful here.

I fell in love again here.

I've written pages and pages here.

I've read a closet-full of books here.

I've laughed my hardest here.

I've cried my hardest here.

I've been my most scared here.

I've been my happiest here.

I've been my most inspired here.

I've chanted here.

I've planted here.

I've sung a million songs here.

I've felt here.

I've learned here.

I've swam in the waters here.

I've climbed the rocks here.

I found my confidence here.

I learned devotion here.

I was held here.

I held here.

I prayed here.

I ate here.

I dreamt here.

I dreamt of here.

I will always dream of here.


Mahalo. Mahalo. Mahalo.




Written on 2/12/2018 - my last day at Mu.

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