My Feminine's Prayer

clarification feminine safety Feb 22, 2023

If you've talked to me personally within the last month, you know I am absolutely addicted to talking about the integration training I'm doing with Ke'oni Hanalei. For the past four weeks, we've been focused entirely on listening to, naming, honoring and integrating our 'unihipili (aka our feminine). No matter how you identify or even if you are the most masculine man, you have an inner feminine. Without her, you're half a human. She is your connection to source - to God. She is your portal to all wisdom, while your internal masculine is the executor. She provides the instructions, he takes action.

I had this backwards for a long time - my feminine was offline and my masculine has been in overdrive as a result. As instructed by Ke'oni, I created a prayer from her to my internal masculine and to everyone. This is a clarification of who I am and the instructions on how to love me:


I am luscious.

I am melted caramel and the power of the amazon.

I am nourished by sensuality, play, picking fresh, juicy fruit, laughter, pleasure, dance, vulnerability, deep wonder and presence with nature, by my willingness to trust life and how it guides me, synchronicity, and honesty.

I’ve been harmed by betrayal, abandonment, isolation, assumptions and inconsistency.

I know I have shut down when the loudest thing is: shame, isolation, performance, inauthenticity and pleasing, urgency and judgment.

Please, help me to communicate to cultivate and harness the power of lusciousness so that we can feel safe and free.

I’m not asking you, I’m telling you.

Thank you and I love you.



What's your feminine's prayer? Don't know what I'm talking about? You must. Book a free 20-minute consultation with me and affirm your safety (no matter what your gender is).


Yours Truly,


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