My Top Tips for Solidifying a Meditation Practice

Jul 27, 2019

From a girl who can't stand routines, here's how to bite the bullet and get yourself on the road to bliss.

Make it pleasurable.

 If you're like me, your main priority is usually to get shit done - fast. And in doing this, we tend to sacrifice being present for the little joys along the way, making everything a hectic drag. How can you apply pleasure to your meditation practice? That's up to you, but some ideas include:
- Find your favorite type of practice (mindfulness, guided imagery, mantra, etc.)
- Diffuse your favorite essential oil or light your favorite candle.
- Make a sacred space
- Incorporate endless amounts of pillows and blankets.

Put it on the calendar.

 Set a non-negotiable reminder on your phone and mark a real time daily to get some stillness and silence in.

Allow yourself to thrash.

I'm obsessed with the word, "thrash," because isn't that exactly what we do? Not just literally, but mentally. There's that period before meditating where we just squirm at the thought of settling down and going in. Allow this. Accept this. It's normal and totally alright, just give yourself the permission to go through it and evolve to a place of surrender.

Accept wherever you're at.

As mentioned in tip #3, accept your current state. It will change on a daily and sometimes momentarily basis, so whether you come into a meditation with madness on your mind, a little fear, a bunch of excitement, a sad frown, or a big grin, it's all accepted. You just have to accept it too.

Practice disciplined flow.

Discipline is a word I had to learn to balance with. It used to be something I only knew how to binge on - practicing a toss-up between crack-down rigidity or balls-to-the-wall indulgence. Once you realize it doesn't have to be either, you can create consistency. You can flow.

Here are some tangible examples:

- Switch up your style of meditation based on what you feel you need.

- Meditate anywhere from 2 minutes to 45 minutes per day. No amount of time is right or wrong (you read that right).

- Sometimes you'll forget or you'll get caught up in the good moments so much, that you'll choose not to - and that's okay.

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