Pay Attention to These 3 Things the Universe Does to Redirect You

lessons listening redirection Jan 04, 2023

I really trust the universe and part of the reason it’s easy to is because I know its patterns. It’s always talking to us if you are mindful enough to listen. Slow down in everything you do, get still daily, and be humble enough to know that your ego may conflict with what you’re meant for. I know that if I don’t listen, the universe will force me to through divine, usually chaotic intervention. In the end, however, you needed to learn. Getting the lesson is more valuable than not and that’s exactly why the universe will take it to the edge.

1. It cockblocks you.

Ever had a date fall through you were really looking forward to? What about a job you didn’t get? Or that apartment you wanted to sign the lease on that got snatched up at the last minute? This is the first sign that you’re meant to experience something different. Ask “what is required of me to gain this?” and see what it says. You’ll know when you get the message. It could come through music, a loved one’s venting, a billboard or a sentence in a book, a dream or a deep inner knowing. It may give you homework or a completely different path. Regardless, trust and be thankful it’s not happening as it wasn’t meant to happen in that iteration.

2. It hardcore cockblocks you.

If you don’t let it go or choose not to listen, it will play big. Think: fender benders, sicknesses and hassles. It will get a bit more aggressive and inconvenient after it sends soft disappointments. Notice these. Ease off the gas. Chat with your guides in meditation and see if they have any insight.

3. It throws you into the fire.

If you are truly meant to learn the hard way, you will. The universe will give you the lessons however you’ll listen - even if they’re intense AF. You came here to experience and learn and though some of these fires are inevitable, when you feel like you can’t breathe - you may have pushed too hard. Luckily, there are no losses with the universe, you’ve taken away something golden if you let it be.


If you feel like #3 is a pattern in your life, it’s time you slow down and listen. You’re either missing memos or have some deep karma to work out. Declare to the universe that you are ready to listen and learn through inspiration rather than chaotic intervention.


Let’s sort it out and declare your new reality. Reach me for a free consultation and let’s discuss how to shift this for you.

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