A Simple Memory

childhood heartfelt memory simplicity Oct 13, 2021

Do you have a seemingly meaningless memory from your youth that has some of the warmest real estate in your heart?

You know, the kind of memory that couldn't be explained or understood by anyone else unless they climbed inside your head, closed their eyes, and saw and felt what you saw and felt?

Since I'm known for beating the dead horse when it comes to stories that bring me to life, I will attempt to explain the unexplainable:

I have this fond, simple memory from when I was around eleven years old.

Between destinations on tour with my dad, my family jumped off the plane in the dead of the night and ran out into a field somewhere in Minnesota. An old playground was illuminated in the moonlight. We climbed atop the structure and swung like monkeys. My parents smiled softly at each other.

That's it. That's all I remember.


What's a simple, seemingly insignificant moment you'll never forget?


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