How to Transform Your Challenges

challenges mental strength peleton robin arzón Jul 21, 2021

I was recently listening to Robin Arzón's Masterclass on "Mental Strength." This powerhouse of a woman was a law student when she was held at gunpoint and lived to tell the tale. After the trauma, all she wanted to do was run. The running led to marathons, quitting her successful position at a firm and one-eighty-ing her life to become the lead fitness instructor at Peleton.

Her very own story mirrors her lessons as she asks listeners to look within at some of the hardest struggles they've endured and list five of them out.

So I jotted down some of mine:

  1. Getting cheated on in my first relationship
  2. Moving to LA, living all alone and restarting/starting my life
  3. Mu, my family's home, my sanctuary and my greatest inspiration getting sold
  4. Losing all my friends in high school
  5. Getting threatened to be sued by a big Indian company for our similar business name and getting a 2 week turnaround to completely rebrand my skincare line.
  6. Having an eating disorder for 2+ years in high school.

She then instructs to make a list of the triumphs that came out of each one.

So I reflected:

  1. Getting cheated on in my first relationship became demanding respect and changing my paradigm in romantic relationships and my relationship with self (self-love)
  2. Moving to LA and restarting/starting my life became discovering who I was and what I wanted, allowing myself to live freely, & exploring my spirituality.
  3. Mu getting sold became diving deeper into my spirituality and following the call to teachers and certifications to become a teacher and healer, myself.
  4. Losing all my friends in high school became building up my whole career
  5. Getting threatened to be sued and having to rebrand my company in two weeks became hustling, negotiating and pulling off an even more authentic and aligned rebrand in 60 days
  6. Having an eating disorder became deciding to start loving my body and treating it like a sacred temple, becoming the healthiest I'd ever been.

These are just a few examples from my life and they make me proud. It makes me realize how capable I am of overcoming challenges. Yet it doesn't make me special. What I learned from Robin is that we all have turned our lows into highs. We do it all the time. We always have. If you're here right now, there is a 1,000% guarantee that you are a warrior.

So how do you make your lows your highs?

Make this list.

Remember these moments.

And realize you're already doing the work.

Life may not always be easy, but it's worth it. 

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