Vagus Nerve: Your Portal to Peace

nervous system truvaga vagus nerve Oct 11, 2023

As the leaves begin to paint the town in hues of amber and scarlet pretty much everywhere except Hawai’i, I’ve been reflecting on how this transitional season always gets my feathers ruffled. Ironically, both this and last year during this same month, I started losing an alarming amount of hair (stay tuned by subscribing to my newsletter to hear more on what my holistic doctor says in a blog next month). After months of relentless fatigue, stress, and depletion from a whirlwind of traveling, moving, and life-altering changes, I've stumbled upon a gem for stress-management: Truvaga! Now, before you think I've gone all science-y on you, let me assure you that Truvaga is more like a magic wand for your well-being than anything else.

Let me take you back a bit. Picture this: I had been on a rollercoaster of a journey – traveling across continents, settling into a new home, and grappling with monumental life changes. My mind and body were running on empty, and stress had become my unwelcome companion. I knew I needed an additional solution - something that could target my nervous system directly.

And that's when I discovered Truvaga – a tiny, hand-held gadget that would change my life. It stimulates your vagus nerve, often referred to as the secret agent of well-being. It's like a personal masseuse for your nervous system, working its magic to reduce stress, enhance focus, elevate your mood, and tuck you into a cocoon of peaceful slumber. Intrigued? You should be!

But let's talk details. Truvaga sessions are quick as a wink, just two minutes long. I've made it a ritual – one session in the morning, right after I roll out of bed, and another one before I slip into the dream realm at night. It feels a little weird during (like a pulling, vibrating buzz on the neck), but as soon as those two minutes are up, the zen hits.

Truvaga comes preloaded with 350 sessions so if you follow my lead and use it twice daily, it's your loyal wellness companion for about six months. And don't sweat the technicalities – it doesn't expire after six months. It's just designed to serve you those 350 doses of goodness.

Now, you might wonder if Truvaga's battery is rechargeable. Here's the scoop: it's not. But here's why that's not a deal-breaker – by the time you've enjoyed those 350 sessions, you'll be so steeped in a zen-like state that you won't mind a bit. You'll be ready to snap up a fresh Truvaga, guaranteed.

Let's get one thing straight: Truvaga isn't some fancy medical contraption with incomprehensible buttons and alarms that make you feel like you're in a sci-fi flick. No, it's your go-to wellness product, designed to fit seamlessly into your daily life. It's like having a mini-vacation for your soul every day.

Now, if you're like me, you might be wondering if this magical little device is worth the investment. Here's the icing on the cake – Truvaga ships to your doorstep with standard shipping free. Plus, they throw in a 30-day money-back guarantee, just in case you're not convinced that you're holding a slice of wellness heaven.

But enough with the technical stuff. Let me share my personal journey with Truvaga. I get sent wellness products left and right. I’m known to tell companies off if I think they’re trying to scam people because look: we have FREE things like breath and tapping and meditation right here inside of us. One session with me gives you tools for life vs. a product you become reliant on. The vagus nerve is something I stimulate with myself and clients through things like humming, breathing, self-massage and laughter - but Truvaga literally TARGETS this nerve through high-tech electrodes placed directly on that power spot.

As I started my Truvaga routine, I felt the waves of relaxation wash over me, and I was hooked. Stress began to melt away, focus sharpened, and the world started to look a little brighter.

With Truvaga as my faithful companion, I've embarked on a playful journey to well-being. Each session is like a little escape, a moment to nurture my mind and spirit. It's become my daily ritual, my dose of joy, and my secret weapon against the chaos of life.

So, my dear fellow seekers of wellness, if you're looking to add a touch of magic to your fall wellness routine, give Truvaga a try. It's not just a wellness product; it's your ticket to a happier, calmer, and more focused you. Plus, who can resist a gadget that fits in the palm of your hand and showers you with good vibes? I know I can't.

Use coupon code: AUTUMN10 here (VALID SEPT 1ST 2023- OCT 31ST 2023) for $10 off yours.

So, here's to a fall filled with vagal bliss, courtesy of Truvaga. Happy wellness journey, my friends!


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