What No One Tells You About Letting Go

let go release Sep 21, 2022

Last month I covered a very important and highly requested topic in a live class for my Mu Meditation Members. Little did I know, this would become a very relevant topic in my life in just a few short weeks following. As a human and a teacher, I feel it's my responsibility to share my evolution and truth with every realization and actualization that occurs. What helps me could help you. What helps my clients could help you. I hope you arrive here openheartedly and open-mindedly. Let inspiration take root however it arrives.

“If we fearfully cling to what we have, we will never be able to discover who we truly are.” - Sri Chinmoy

Before we dive in to some tips and tools to serve you as you let go, I must start with what no one seems to tell you: letting go happens in layers. Don’t expect so much of yourself, just invite yourself to let one - just one - layer go. See what happens, see what loosens, see what lightens. From this place of compassion and realism, we can truly begin the process.

Part of the reason letting go happens in layers vs. all at once is because we are multidimensional beings. We have complex brains, emotions, nervous systems and even physical tissue that stores experiences in our bodies. Our hearts and souls have some stake too. It's important as you move through your releasing process that you consider each piece of you and be patient with what each one needs.

Where is your mind in the process?

Where is your heart in the process?

Where is your spirit in the process?

Where is your body in the process?

I know it can feel frustrating when one part of you feels ready to let go and move forward while another feels stuck. Instead of trying to sever or shame the piece of you that's moving more slowly, ask what it needs. Example: your mind is feeling ready, but your heart is feeling heavy. Ask: what does my heart need? And give it.

The most important tip for letting go is to practice non-attachment. Non-attachment isn’t avoidance. More than anything, non-attachment is presence and the acceptance of impermanence. It doesn’t mean to leave your heart out of anything, it just means practicing being in awe and admiration of this world full of things, beings and places that aren’t, will never be and have never been yours. Just exist. Let things be and change as they are.

Mindfulness is a great teacher of non-attachment. It shows us that nothing is permanent. Even the breath comes and goes moment by moment. By practicing mindfulness and anchoring into the breath, we allow it to be a metaphor and teacher. When we start practicing being present, our past and pains have less control over us, and we have more freedom to choose how we want to respond to our lives. 

These words could speak to this better than I could, so here they are: let go and let God [the universe, your spirit guides, source, your highest self - whatever you identify with]. 

Musts to let go:

  •  Allow yourself to grieve (emotional)
  •  Mantra for this time of letting go (mental)
  •  Forgiveness (emotional, social)
  •  Self-compassion (emotional)
  •  Cord cutting (energetic, spiritual)
  •  Somatic Shaking (physical)
  •  Mindfulness (mental)
  •  Trust (mental + spiritual)

Suggested Meditation Practice:

  • Self-compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Cord cutting
  • Shaking
  • Mindfulness (inhale, exhale & letting it all go)

When we hold too tightly, the flow can't flow. Let the teeth that are loose fall. We gotta weed to grow this garden.


Reach me for a 1:1 if you feel stuck in the past and want to let go. By letting go you can truly lean into the flow of life.

That's the recipe for magic.


With love,


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