How to Experience Your Next Yoga Breakthrough Without Breaking the Bank

goals motivation self-growth wellness yoga Nov 24, 2021

When you really dive into a lifestyle change, it can be easy to get carried away investing your heart, body, soul, and money into it. However, when it comes to your yoga practice, overspending goes directly against the principle of self-discipline.

Thankfully, there are many tools and methods available that can advance your practice without compromising your budget. Here are some tips to get you started.


Identify Your Reasons

Taking your practice to new heights can be an exciting endeavor, but it’s important to understand the why first. Is ego driving this decision? If you’re constantly comparing yourself to others or frustrated because your heart is set on achieving a handstand, perfecting your postures will only be fulfilling for so long. Or is this new dedication more about taking care of yourself and finding ways to reduce the stress you feel from work or running a business? 


Identify Your Goals

Begin by breaking your ultimate goal into identifiable steps. Challenging yourself in ways you can focus on allows you to set a path and gives you milestones to celebrate. 

Take a moment for self-introspection; identify specifically what you would like to work on. What are your weak spots? Does your mind wander when you intend to meditate, thinking more about the stresses of current events than about your breath and body? Is your practice the same old thing, with nothing new to anticipate? 

Any regimen can become too routine, but there are plenty of identifiable objectives that can help liven things up. If you’re practicing at home, simple changes like decluttering and opening the blinds can relieve tension and increase focus. It’s also key to avoid negative self-talk since it can get in the way of your confidence and drop your motivation. Those are just a few suggestions — contemplate what you want to work on, and then think about what results you would like to see from your practice.

Wilmington Yoga notes your personal goals could be small, like doing a pose you don’t favor once a month or reading a related book over the next 30 days. Your goals could also be more all-encompassing, like meditating for 20 minutes daily, dedicating 10 minutes at the end of each session to Savasana, or trying a new routine each week for the next three months. With goals in mind, you’re ready to decide how to track your progress.


Low-Cost Help from Tools and Gear

Your goals will take some time and effort, and you need a practical method for monitoring your journey, but none of that has to stretch your budget. There are some terrific goal-tracking apps available for free or nearly free, so you can see those daily, weekly, and/or monthly milestones ticking away without worrying about draining your finances. 

A journal is also a great way to monitor your progress, especially if you take the time to write about your experience after each practice. Over time, you can look back and see how your mind and body have progressed, which can offer a new perspective. 

Lastly, treat yourself to a setting that optimizes wellness and positivity by cleansing your home. Your goal is to reduce all forms of negativity, from clutter to criticism, so that you’re free to reach your full potential.


Connect with a Mentor

There are plenty of things you can do with a self-prescribed yoga regimen, but as the Driven Yogi explains, deeper growth often requires the insight of a mentor. A well-trained teacher whose experience and skills are beyond your own can provide a sounding board, help with understanding difficult poses, and finding sequences that challenge you in fresh ways. It’s a great way to step beyond your comfort zone, expanding your practice both spiritually and physically.

At first glance, making progress in yoga can sound like a difficult undertaking. However, there are plenty of tools and methods for advancement in your practice. Add some tech to your plan and consider connecting with a knowledgeable mentor, and soon you’ll be further than ever on the road to wellness.


Certified holistic wellness coach Kama Hagar helps others practice selfless self-care through meditation, yoga, holistic healing, and aloha (love) – the recipe for joy, pleasure, peace, self-love, and authenticity. Book a session today! 

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