4 Practical Tips to Increase Sensuality

presence sensuality Jan 12, 2022
Meditation has been shown to improve sex lives. How!? Tell me more! Being present is what meditation is and being present allows us to luxuriate in everything from tasting our food in all its rich flavors to feeling the soothing sensation of the breeze on your face. As sensuality is all about feeling the moment and meditation helps with that, it may help you feel more turned on and connected than ever.
A key disclaimer though, is that you can meditate daily and still not feel present and sensual in your waking life. Admittedly, I felt this way, questioning every study until I realized I wasn't walking a huge part of my talk: mindfulness in every moment - including off the meditation cushion.
In other words, take your practice into your life and this is where the real magic happens.
Coming back to the present moment and tuning into your sensuality go hand-in-hand. By being present, you'll feel more sensual and by tuning into your sensuality, you'll be here. Now how do we do both?

4 Practical Tips to Increase Presence & Sensuality

1. Sllloooowww down.
Do everything 5x slower than you ever want to. When we're moving at the speed of light all the time, it's impossible to really be here - let alone enjoy being here.
  • Starter tip: Set a timer for an hour and do everything slowly during that time. It'll feel frustrating. Breathe. Increase the time daily for one week until you've reached a full day.
2. Notice what makes you rush.
Is it societal or external pressure? Is it anxiety? How is it showing up? Do you fight, flee, fawn or freeze in the face of daily stressors? Can you eliminate those things? If not, can you find ways to remind yourself you're safe and breathe into the here and now?
  • Starter tip: Notice where you tend to rush or go into autopilot in your life. Compassionately explore ways that help you feel safe in them and bring those things to the picture.
    • Example: I freak out in chaotic social situations and go into an anxious "fawn" mode. I asked my fiancé to whisper a comforting line in my ear when he notices me leaving my body to help me relax into the present and feel safe again.
3. Luxuriate the f*ck out of everything.
Become an enthusiast of the present moment. The sights, the smells, the sounds, the tastes, the feelings. It's all so alive and beautiful. Just give yourself the chance to notice.
  • Starter tip: Choose one sense to focus on for five days this week. Example: what you see on Monday, what you feel on Tuesday, what you hear on Wednesday, etc. Appreciate each sense and what you experience from it each day.
4. Practice mindfulness daily.
Mindfulness is the practice of experiencing things as they are. It's the ultimate presence exercise. Even just five minutes per day is incredibly helpful for learning how to come back to the here and now. This 5 senses meditation in the membership was truly made for this. 
How do you connect with your sensuality?
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