5 Little Things That Help Me When I’m Sad

hardship healing help sadness Sep 14, 2022

Beautiful friend,

If times are tough, I see you and I feel you. This list was pulled from a list I’ve been keeping of things that feel helpful for me during hard times. Making that list was cathartic in and of itself (you’re welcome for that bonus tip!) so don’t hesitate to make your own. You’ll need your own dedication, awareness and care. Below are some ways Ive done that for myself - and it’s felt so good:


1. Sending and Receiving Kind Audio Messages from Friends Before Bed.

Sometimes calls can feel tiring and the loved ones can’t always be by your side, so one of my favorite ways to feel that sense of support and togetherness when the day slows to night is to catch up on my audio messages and send some love out myself. If you’re friends aren’t audio-messagers, texts can certainly help, but there’s something beautiful about hearing the voice and exchanging oral words with a buddy. It soothes. Don’t be afraid to start the train yourself. Reach out and my goodness - if you haven’t already - ask for help. It’s the only way to make sure you receive it.


2. Journaling Intuitively.

Journaling is one of the most effective ways to mentally and emotionally process. All it takes is a pen and paper. You can set a timer and flow through stream of consciousness or you can make little prompts or lists for yourself. Write about what you’re going through. Write about what you hope to gain. Write about what’s awful about it. Write about what’s good about it. Write what you’re grateful for. Write what you pray for. Write. Write. Write. Heal. Heal. Heal. There’s no right way, there is only something to gain.


3. Double Meditation Time.

Whether you do it twice a day, literally double the time on the timer, or change your search filter to a longer duration, meditation is proven to calm your mind, nervous system and help regulate your emotions. I know it can seem scary to sit still during trying times, but please, please trust me. Your mind is begging for it. Your body needs it to relax and release. Your emotions are screaming to be noticed and held. Your spirit knows what’s up. Sit down and breathe a little longer. Sit down and be. Join the Mu Membership for a library of over 100+ meditations and self-care rituals to keep you guided, going and supported. Whatever you’re going through, I can guarantee you I have a meditation for it. Check it out.


4. A Good Greens Powder 

If you’re like me, when your heart feels extra heavy or you anxiety is extra high, it can feel pretty tough to work up any sort of appetite. And unfortunately, the easiest stuff to choke down are comfort foods. If this sounds like you, there’s no way around this: you gotta eat. Force yourself. My mom tells me to foie gras myself (not the most helpful for a vegetarian like me) but it’s vital. If veggies were hard to begin with, a trick of mine is to supplement and ensure I’m getting at least some of my green nutrients through a dense, healthy greens powder. My favorite is by a brand called, Naturelo and it’s drinkable mixed with just plain water. Add it to smoothies or even yogurt or chia seed pudding if you know you tend to skimp out on important vitamins during times like these. You need ‘em to heal and function.


5. Using Peoples’ First Names in Conversation.

Intimacy heals. I’ve spent most of my life avoiding it altogether and I can only report feelings of loneliness and isolation. We heal in community, we struggle alone. Connect. Reach out. See others and lean in. Drop the person’s name you’re talking to in conversation. This small little trick breeds closeness and closeness is what you’ll need, my friend.


Whatever you’re going through, whatever you do, please don’t go through it alone. You don’t have to. I am here with all the tools that have guided me through and out of the trenches. I am here.

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