5 of My Favorite Healing Crystals

crystals healing metaphysical Dec 21, 2022

Crystals were my gateway drug into the world of wellness. I’ll never forget the moment it happened: I was fresh out of my first breakup in 2014, doom-scrolling through Instagram, when I stopped on a picture of a beautiful Amethyst crystal. I knew enough about birthstones (okay, fine, astrology was my OG gateway drug) to know recognize it, but I didn’t know the mystical powers and properties it held - I simply felt pulled. Noticing that a crystal shop was tagged in the image, I typed the name into google and found it was a short twelve-minute drive from my studio apartment downtown LA.


In an otherwise run-down neighborhood, this shop stood mysteriously on a residential street in an all-black victorian-style house. I was allured. Entering through the wrought-iron-barred door, I was greeted by a hipster-looking man who stood at a neo-classical mirrored table towards the back. I smiled, he smiled and I began my exploration through the beds of glittering crystals of all shapes, styles and colors. I picked up a chunk of golden pyrite the side of my fist, a rose quartz the size of my palm and a small clear quartz. There were other crystals, more iridescent, more beautiful, more unique - but these… I couldn’t put them down.


I placed them lightly on the fragile table where the man stood. He gazed at the crystals like they were eyes of loved ones and asked, “are you going through a breakup?”


“Can you tell?” I nearly spat in shock and embarrassment.


“No,” He replied, “These are just the perfect crystals. I figured you knew.”


“No…” I trailed off feeling pretty astounded.


“Here,” He said as he loaded a pink candle and a bundle of dried sage into my bag, “These will help. Burn the sage sparingly to smoke-cleanse the energy out of your life and space and light this candle in a safe place to let burn for seven days. Don’t blow it out. It’s a ritual candle and it’s made for self-love.”


Still floored by the accuracy and generosity, I went home and did what the man told me, my crystals lain across my small glass coffee table. Each day, I set my intentions with them, charged them in the moonlight and treated them like little pets. I had nothing to lose.


Diving head-first into a book on crystals, I discovered some miraculous finds: clear quartz is a powerful energy transmitter used in all sorts of technology including cell phones today. Rose quartz is believed to be for magnifying and healing the heart for love and self-love. Pyrite is a master grounder and confidence activator. All of which were things I specifically needed at that time.


By the end of the seven days, I had shed something. I was lighter. I felt more empowered, more aligned. Placebo? I didn’t care. Results were results. So even if they were just a little reminder of the healing I desired and nothing more, my brain was tricked into the work. I felt better.


I’ve been asked my favorite crystals many times, so of course I’ll share, but ultimately, the most important thing is that the crystal speaks to you. Go to a shop, get your hands, eyes and heart involved and feel into the medicine you need. It’s a practice of intuition and self-trust, but this is the true way to your own self-healing. You know what you need.


My Favorite Crystals:

  1. Clear Quartz: known to be a powerful magnifier and energy transmitter. This clean slate can be charged up with whatever intention you so desire and help to amplify the properties of any other crystals around it. I love this crystal for its clarity and adaptability.
  2. Rose Quartz: this pink crystal is the heart of all crystals. It’s known to help us find true self-love, love for others and ultimately, align us for romantic love as well. It’s gentle, beautiful and loving.
  3. Pyrite: AKA fool’s gold is a unique mix of energizing and grounding. It’s meant to help us center and expand, pulling abundance and power into our lives. Root and radiate.
  4. Carnelian: this crystal looks like blood, womb, raw human flesh. Associated with the sacral creativity and sensuality center of the body, to me, it’s life-giving. It’s primal and un-inhibiting.
  5. Amethyst: this purple classic is one of the most commonly seen crystals. Its mainstream hype is worth it: it’s the third eye’s best friend, aligning you with intuition and your own inner wisdom. Need guidance? This stone reminds you to come back and listen to yourself. 


Want to dive deeper with your crystals? Let me show you how you can use them for your personal goals and practices in a 1:1.

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